Flaviar Clone App

Flaviar Clone App – Launch Your Liquor Delivery App Business In Just 5 Days

Just imagine enjoying a romantic dinner with your girlfriend at your place, everything is set at the table and you forgot to buy the wine bottle. So, what will you do? Rush to the nearest supermarket to get the wine bottle, amidst the dinner? No. That’s not what it should be. Let not your dinner date turns into a disaster. Now you can order wine online with few swaps on the smartphone. All thanks to the flaviar clone app that made it possible to save you and many such from such embarrassment.

We live in the digital world, having the app for everything including wine and liquor. The Liquor Delivery market is still an untapped one, with not having many entrepreneurs owing to space. And with COVID19 hitting, there is an increasing demand for doorstep deliveries so why not bank on this opportunity by developing Flaviar Clone App.

How Flaviar Clone App Works

The Liquor Delivery App works like anyother on-demand app.

  • Once the app is download on the device it asksthe user to register through social media id or phone number or email id.
  • The list of categories is display from the nearby stores, allowing the user to place the order.
  • The user chooses the booze adding items to the cart
  • Make payment online
  • Get order confirmation
  • Gets notified once the order is dispatch and on the way
  • Order is delivered at the doorstep
  • Generate invoice
  • Leave feedback and ratings

On-demand Alcohol Delivery App Monetization Potentials

The sky is the limit with on-demand alcohol delivery app. There are endless monetization opportunities that you can implement. Some of the significant ones are mentioned herewith:

Featured listing

With Flaviar Clone App, you can charge a small fee from the liquor service providers and retailers when they come on board to list with your app.


For every delivery charge, delivery charges from the users can be based on the location covered, several items bought, and so on.

Ad management

The admin can boost more profits by leveraging 3rd party banner ads.Thus it not only helps in increasing app visibility but boosts sales.

Selling relevant merchandise

It is another great way to generate more profits by selling items like wine glasses, snacks related to alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages,mugs, and so on.

General Features Of Flaviar Clone App

  • Social media sign-up and login
  • Browse liquor /wine categories
  • Advanced search
  • Ease to add
  • View past orders
  • Online multiple payments
  • Push-notifications
  • Delivery preferences
  • Feedback and ratings

The Cost Of Developing Flaviar Clone App

The cost to develop Flaviar Clone alcohol delivery App depends on several factors that include OS platform, technologies being used, features, geographical location, and much more. Also, it depends on the mobile app development company you choose to work with. Regardless of whom you collaborate with, make sure that they are experts in developing on-demand apps. Check their client testimonials and live demos to know their niche. Talk to their team, to get the right guidance.

On-demand Alcohol Delivery app is a readymade solution with 100% customization adapting to your customer’s buying behavior. The white-label app solution is built on scalable technology allowing you to expand your business without any glitches.

On-demand Liquor Delivery App is a rewarding business that entrepreneurs can take benefit from. It is one of the booming sectors irrespective of the pandemic hitting globally. Thus, making it the best time to capitalize in the on-demand industry.

Liquor on demand is a promising and rewarding business sector that will continue to flourish even after this pandemic. It is the best time to invest in this domain as the worldwide lockdown has made people much more dependent on on-demand apps

To start your delivery business, you need to connect with a professional mobile app development company that comes with years of experience and an expert team to guide you through. Take the demo before you make the purchase, read their client testimonials, and see for yourself how the app works. Customize the features suiting your business requirements and you are all set to launch your on-demand liquor delivery business in as quick as 5 days.

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