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Bitaksi App and Its Ten Standout Features

Today ridesharing apps are on everyone’s mouth. These ridesharing apps not only guarantee quick ridesharing services but also at the same time provide support to the driver to perform their daily tasks with ease and to the ridesharing industry to automate their daily operations, manage their tasks with ease and through the same earn a good amount of revenue along the way. Visiting the Android Play Store or iOS App Store you will come across many apps that in turn support riders in getting access to quick and swift rides. However, the app we are going to be talking about in particular is Bitaksi app.

Here’s all you need to know about Bitaksi app.

All about Bitaksi App

Providing ridesharing services in and around Istanbul Bitaksi connects riders to drivers nearby. The app has easy operations.

All that the rider needs to do is enter the app and taps on the kind of ride they want from the different rides available. Thereafter they need to provide their location details. With this step performed they now get a driver connected to them.

The riders need to now confirm the ride request incorporating details like time, date etc when they need the ride.

Upon performing this step, the ride gets confirmed and the rider and driver can track the whereabouts of each other and the former be notified on arrival of driver.

So in short it is an extremely easy to use as well as operate application.

Now here’s then providing you a list of the top ten standout information about this app that in turn has gone onto increasing its popularity to a great extent.

10 Standout Qualities about Bitaksi

Easy to Book Services

The app has a very easy user interface which in turn helps the rider in booking the ride they need to with considerable ease as well as swiftness.

One Tap to Get Rides

The app requires only one tap. With this one tap thereafter the rider can get the ride they wish with ease and thereafter travel to their desired destination.

24/7 Support

Bitaksi offers twenty four seven support, that in turn ensures that the rider gets quick help as and when they may be in need of it.

Pay by Cash or Card

Using the Bitaksi app the rider gets the option to pay for the ride either through cash at the end of ride or with money getting deducted from their card.

Safe Rides

Bitaksi connects riders to licensed drivers who in turn ensure that the rider gets safe and secure rides at all times.


Feedback and rating is mandatory to sought transparency of a business especially if it is into ridesharing. This is especially taken care of in the best possible manner through the Bitaksi app.


The app has a wallet feature which in turn supports the rider to pay for the rides they wish to avail of directly through the wallet itself.

Become Driver

With this service in case someone wishes to earn extra they can register as drivers and thereafter earn through the same.

Fast Rides

The app ensures and guarantees fast rides to the rider to ensure they can reach their destination in a fast as well as swift manner so as to say.

Provides Services in Istanbul and Akora

The services of Bitaksi are available in Istanbul and Akora respectively thereby ensuring that the riders there can get unique ride experiences.

So these are the top ten info you should have an idea about when using App like Bitaksi. Thus, in short make sure you download this app today and take the plunge into a unique as well as innovative ride experience with the app.

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