The House Keeping Business gets a New Boost with the Uber for House Cleaning App

Sometimes I think it’s funny how the entire world is fussing over going digital. There’s always a new app in the market catering to a new requirement. In fact, we probably did not even think there was a need for an app for certain things that have now become an indispensable part of our lives. So, when all sorts of products and services are available online, or via an app, why should the house cleaning segment stay so far behind?


The house cleaning industry is a multimillion dollar industry globally. Making it easily accessible through an app has not only widened the scope for the app, it has also made it possible for people outside the scope of this segment to invest in it and reap its benefits.

Uber for Home Cleaning App

How can people outside the housecleaning industry own a maid service app?

The beauty of apps today is that it acts as a mere platform that brings together the customer who is in need of the service and the service provider who is willing to offer his services. This means that there is neither any special skill set nor experience need by the app owner to own and launch this kind of an app.

The Millennial have a different way of living life. They would rather tell an app to “keep their clothes color coordinate” than actually speaking to another human being or even scribbling a note for one. They are practically attached at the hip to their smartphones and would prefer if everything can be handled through it.

Why is it called an Uber for house cleaning?

The concept of Uber for ‘X’ is catching up pretty fast. There are different types of services that can be handled and managed through a taxi like app where the service can be provided on demand. This basically means that you can avail any kind of service when you have a need for it and pay whatever is the standard rate.

The concept of Uber for X has given birth to many services like the Uber for dog walking, Uber for Car wash, Uber for beautician, Uber for dog grooming, Uber for security, Uber for delivery, Uber for massage, Uber for delivery, Uber for house cleaning etc.

How does this uber for house cleaning app work?

Uber for house cleaning is a pretty simple app. It works just like a taxi application, wherein the user is require to download the app and create a profile. Then the customer can put in the nature of the requirement through the app. For e.g. does he need vacuum service or laundry, does he want the utensils to be wash or bathrooms cleaned. Based on the requirement, he present with a list of all the service providers in the area that cater to your requirements. Now you will be able to see the thumbnails of these service providers and you can tap on these thumbnails to get the full profile of the particular provider. The full profile will include the service provider’s details like his or her experience, charges and previous reviews.

Once the customer makes a choice base on the information at hand, the maid will get a notification on their app about a request received. The service provider can choose to accept or decline the request. If declined, the user is notified such that he can make another selection. If accepted, the user gets a confirmation.

The service provider reaches the destination at the appointed hour and undertakes the task. When the task is completed an invoice is generated and the payment is deducted from the client. This payment is made via the medium chosen by the client right at the beginning of the booking. The options available are cash/card/wallet. After the payment done, both of them are free to give ratings to each other.

How to ensure that the app succeeds?

Since the app market is bamboozle with all sorts of companies developing their own sweet Uber clones for various services. You have to be careful that you choose the right app to work with. See, in principle, the apps are more or less similar because, hey, it’s a cloned app from a single source. However, what sets one apart from the other is the fact. That some will give you a vanilla product with no add-ons and one will hand you a singular all-inclusive product. You have to spend a little time in doing some research and ensuring. That you buy only the ones which offer you the best package on the whole.

Our team is dedicate to bringing complete customer satisfaction. This is why we offer a singular product power packed with all the add-ons that a customer can possibly want. In fact, if our client feels the need for it, we also make any customizations necessary. So, what do you think? Are you ready to sweep the market with your own Uber for House cleaning app?

Is Uber for Handyman Services a Legitimate Business?

The concept of “on demand” services business has boomed exponentially in the last few years. One day, it was just a taxi app and the next day it had turned into a global movement that catered to a diversity of services that needed addressing. The concept of Uber for X has driven quite a few people to have their own businesses by offering a platform for any kind of service that people might require. One of these services is the Uber for Handyman services.

on demand handyman app

What does Uber for Handyman Services mean?

This is essentially an on-demand handyman app that allows people to book handyman services from their smartphones whenever they face a requirement. This app works just like an Uber taxi app, where people download the app beforehand. And also create their own profiles and add their credit cards. So that they can make a booking whenever require and the money gets automatically deduct.

Now when the user meets with a need, they can simply go ahead and make a booking for the app.  And the handyman of your choosing will be at your doorstep ready to help you out. The prices and all are mentions right at the begin which ensures that the user is not left in any doubt about what he expects to pay at the end of the service.

No Uncertainties

Although handyman and home chores have been around forever, there has always been quite a few issues when it came to calling upon someone for their services. The problem was that you would never know whether the handyman is going to be available to address or not. Will he keep you waiting? For how long will he keep you waiting? What if you tired of waiting and decide to call someone else for a job but he shows up anyway? Will you have to pay for them both?

Uber for handyman services addresses this issue with ease. On the app, you can immediately see if the service accepted the job or not. If he has when it scheduled for and how long it takes for him to reach you will also be mention right when he accepts the request. What’s more, you will be able to follow his route n a map to know exactly where he is. This not only makes t extremely convenient for the user but also the service provider. Because he can choose to accept or reject the tasks as per his convenience.

Amount Payable

The most irritating thing that can happen to people is when they pre-decide particular price for a particular service and then flout the rates! Sometimes the handyman behaves dishonestly and sometimes, the user. But who wants this kind of a mess? App makes it absolutely certain to what you will be paying and when you will be required to pay it.

The moment the user puts forth his request on the app, he is shown what is the fare charges at the end of the service. The price deducts automatically from the credit card of the user as the details of the same are pre-fed into it.

uber for handyman service

How has it turned into a profitable business?

As more and more people are getting dependent on smartphones for their requirement. It has become evident that the future of any kind of business is now in going digital. If an app makes it easy for people to access handyman from the comfort of their homes just by making a few clicks on their smartphones, then drawn to use it. The global results of this app are absolutely befuddling.

Owning such business enables you to essentially provide a platform where service provider and user have common ground to communicate. People can handpick the exact nature of service. They require and in turn, they allow contacting only those service providers who are offering those exact services.

The beauty of such an Uber for Handyman services app is that every time someone uses your app to book a professional handyman, you get a commission out of the rate set. What’s more, the rate of commission is also set upon by you, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Taxi Booking App – Features of Front & Business Panels

Uber like taxi apps plays an important role in the way we travel today. These apps have made our lives easier and have provided a convenience that was not possible a few years ago. These apps work such that with just by a few taps on the app you get the most amazing taxi experience.

taxi app

They have become popular across the globe because they are:

  • Facilitate cashless payments
  • Are easy and convenient to use
  • Enable real-time tracking of your taxi
  • Provide a direct line of communication between the driver and the passenger
  • Have a facility to view and review drivers
  • Have a provision to compare prices and choose the best budget-friendly ride

Here we look at two of the most important panels of the taxi booking app, namely the front end panel and the admin panel.

The front end panel is classified into two components, namely the driver app and the passenger app.

Let’s delve into each one in detail.

Passenger app and its features

This is the front end app for all taxi passengers who require the services of a taxi. It is said to be the passenger’s virtual friend, giving the passenger the best driver and vehicle for their ride.

Features of the passenger app

  1. A unique sign up a facility that allows users to sign up either by creating a new account or through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc
  2. Pick up location whereby users can point to their correct location. These can be done through Google Maps or from the frequent location list that will automatically be stored on the app
  3. Choose the drop off location either from the frequent location drop off points or from Google Maps
  4. In-app chatting and messaging system – This enables the passenger to chat and message the driver.

Driver app and its features

This app is the driver’s bible. It enables drivers to check out the specific locations of their clients along with details of their preferences.

Features of the driver app

  • In app chat facility – Drivers can chat along with other drivers and see where they are located using the Google Maps feature
  • Interaction with passengers – AS soon as the driver receives a ride request, he will be able to see the passenger details like their ratings, and pick up and drop off location, and decide whether they want to accept or reject the ride.
  • Inbuilt navigation system – A robust built-in navigation system is essential for safe and easy navigating. This is where Google Maps come into play.
  • Availability button – Drivers have the option to avail themselves whenever they wish to. This button is used to indicate whether they are online or offline at any given time.
  • Real-time notification system – Drivers can receipt in app messages and alerts whenever there is a new booking request. This facility also ensures that they receive any important update notifications and emails.
  • Review and rating system which allows them to rate and review their passenger and riding experience

The highly advanced features of the admin panel

The admin panel is mainly for the owner of the taxi business. If you are the owner, this is where you will be able to keep track of all your drivers, passengers and the areas where everything is hot and happening so that you send more drivers to cater to such areas.

Features of the admin panel include:

  • Payment invoicing system, either weekly, monthly or both
  • Management of new and existing passengers and drivers
  • Live dashboard which will help you manage your business, especially by showing you heat areas so that reach to those clients quickly
  • Real-time tracking for drivers enabling to keep tabs on all your drivers at all times, so that you can send drivers in areas where their services are required the most, thereby improving the quality of your business.
  • Surge pricing – Allows you to increase the fares when there is a maximum demand for your services.
  • Management of drivers – This facility allows you to add, delete, block, unblock and update your drivers.
  • Management of Offers, coupons and promotion codes – Introduce lucrative offers to retain your current clientele and invite new ones
  • Live feed or local events
  • Report and analytics

Want to start a smart taxi business?

From the list of various features listed above, it is obvious that the process of building a taxi app is not only time consuming but difficult as well. It is therefore recommended that you seek the services of a taxi app developer who has the experience and the know-how on how to go about it. It is better to check them out before signing on the dotted line.

If you are looking to go ahead-into appyfying your taxi business then pick up the phone and call the developer today. Get the best man to do the job for you so that your sales increase in no time!

The Business of Escorts : A new Adult Entertainment Services App Era

If we were to talk about strictly business, the sex industry is striking such a huge turnover globally that you can’t even put a number on it. It is the most unorganized “organized” crime that is prevalent in the world today with cash being the biggest player, but things might just change with the adult entertainment services app. Only about 30 % of the total money involved in the sex world comes from net banking, credit or debit cards. People enjoying paid sexual services or products like a certain degree of anonymity and what better way to do it than to use cash!

adult entertainment services app

But why am I beating around the bush? I love sex. I like to think of myself as a prurient vessel of concupiscence. But I also believe that sex has to be a consensual and happy activity. It pains me to read about all the sexual human trafficking and forced prostitution. The more I read, the more I wondered what motivated people to continue hurting other people to bring more business.

Well, I am not being emotional or naive, but my main issue with all the crime in this direction was the “forced” aspect. I would always be speculating on why someone needed to kidnap people and make them do this, when there are already so many people willing to do it. Well, I almost fainted when I found out how much money was involved. Human trafficking alone is a $32 billion dollar industry. I mean, hello! People would commit mass murders for that kind of money. What’s trafficking compared to that.

How can you make money in the sex industry without being a Nazi

The world of pleasure is a beautiful one. I, for one, can proudly say that sex keeps me motivated. And sex might just be a three letter word, but it’s got a lot of horse power. There is so much more than meets the eye. Like the Lord Peter Baelish invented different forms of pleasure that people did not even know existed, that’s exactly where the sex industry stands today. Although people argue, that sex is sex and there’s just so much you can do with it, the people in the digital business will disagree.

The new rage today is the Uber for escorts. Digital solutions like sex on demand apps have not only shifted the thrust from cash only transactions to easy online payments, it has also made the entire sex work related environment much safer.

So basically, these Uber like escort services apps or let’s put it plainly “Uber for Hookers”, are downloadable apps for your smart phones that allow you to book the services of a prostitute (down to the exact specification of what you want) just like you would book a taxi. Now, if you wanted to capitalize on the sex industry and make some money without having sex, getting naked or even revealing your name, then this kind of an app can help you!

Making a business from ready-made “sex on demand app”

If you are wondering how you can get the most out of on the market without putting in any effort in the sex industry, then perhaps, it is a good idea to invest in an adult entertainment services app. What this app will do is just be a platform where the interested client can approach any escort available for giving the services that he or she requires. Such apps aren’t biased towards genders- male, female, lady boy – you name it. Any kind of fetishes, BDSM, anal, whatever you want, you can simply select the option and choose the escort you want to be with.

 Uber for Escorts

In order to make the process really streamlined, mostly the app makers declare rates and pricing right in the beginning. The client can make his choice and enjoy the services whenever he or she wants, and the service provider can enjoy the ease of access and safety. The best thing is none of the service providers nor the clients ever know who is running the adult entertainment services app. It’s just a brand name. But, the app administrator or owner makes a commission on every single booking. Think digital Pimp. But in order to be nice to the service providers, the app doesn’t charge them. IT only charges the customers!

Don’t you just love sex? It not only makes you happy, but looks like it’s going to make you an entrepreneur as well!

On-Demand Airport Rides Application for your city

Isn’t it bliss when you don’t have to worry about how you will get to your hotel or home after your flight? A flight that may have lasted ten hours or even more? This is the exact thought that made developers come with a solution to take the stress away from you as you land. The solution comes in the form of an on-demand uber for airport taxi app clone.

In fact, so great is the demand for these sort of services that young entrepreneurs and new startups have invested in this app and started a service that is exclusive to air commuters. Their taxis only cater to passengers who are traveling to and from the airport.

uber for airport taxi app clone

Why air passengers prefer to use services of airport cabs

Easy scheduling

Passengers can book their cab well in advance so that they have no last-minute worries about how they will get to their destination.

Premium service at an affordable price

Rather than you waiting for the pickup, it is the driver who will meet you at the airport as soon as you alight. This way you are relaxed knowing full well that your travel to and from the airport has been taken care. Moreover, this service is easy on the pocket too.

Safety first

Regular flyers usually use the same drivers every time. This way they feel that a family member is picking and dropping them. They also feel safe knowing fully well that their driver can be trusted and is efficient.

No surprises for fares

Since these taxis are usually prebooked there are no unpleasant surprises

No parking fees

By opting to use airport taxis, flyers do not have to worry about parking their personal vehicles in the airport parking space and paying exorbitant prices.

The ease of getting an airport ride

Just like requesting any on-demand cab, all the passenger needs to do is select a ride, choose your pick up location, and add the destination.

What’s more, these rides are available at almost all airports across the globe. Wherever you are, Asia, Africa, America or even Timbuktu, you can rest assured that you will get a ride to and from the airport at all times.

Start your own uber for airport taxi app clone ride business

If you think that starting your own airport cab business is tough going, then you could not be more wrong. All you need to do is look for a developer who will develop you the best app in the industry. The cost of the app is not even that much. These days you can get some good deals whereby you can extra add-ons like free language customizations, currency customizations, and other features. That would probably cost you a bomb if you bought it from another developer.

If you are wondering how you will earn by investing in the app then here’s your answer. For every airport ride booked through your app, you will get a percentage commission. This may not sound very lucrative but think how much commission it will add up to on a daily basis. That too for just providing an app facility to book a cab to and from the airport!

Start the New Year by making a resolution of investing in uber for airport taxi app clone and be on the ladder to success.

Launch your own taxi booking application for United Kingdom & it’s Cities

The global market has ignited a demand for taxi booking apps. There is nothing better than getting access to the best possible taxi service that enhances the experience of riding back home. A taxi booking application provides an easy and convenient way to book a cab anywhere and everywhere you want. It helps provide an everlasting experience for the user. The software application must be loaded with various key features like booking a cab, tracking, raising a request for drivers using phone and navigation features for drivers.

taxi booking app

Why is it better to launch your own taxi booking app?

The demand for taxi booking application services is increasing these days in the UK and its cities.  There are various reasons why people prefer to travel via cab or hire a taxi service. Most of the reasons are due to increasing pollution levels in cities, more travel time and discomforts of traveling by your own vehicle and also the parking problems. Although London and the United Kingdom as a whole has a very intricate public transport system. People still want a way of traveling in comfort and in less time.

Due to all these reasons, people choose a cab service by which they can easily travel from one place to another. Most of the users rely on best services provided by a taxi service and therefore they want to access an easy application like Uber which gives them the convenience to book their ride and makes the process lot easier.

What features should be included in a taxi booking application?

Below are some of the most important features expected in a taxi booking application.

  • Live tracking option:

    Customers always want to keep track of their nearby drivers in real time. They also wish to track their ride so that they can share it with their friends or close ones. The live tracking options provide a convenience to the user and safety.

  • Easier booking options:

    Booking and canceling a ride should be easier and convenient for the users as they don’t want the mobile app to be hanging or closing abruptly. It is important to ensure that your app programming is according to the customer requirement.

  • Profile:

    there should be a proper profile created for both customers and drivers. That both of them are able to know the taxi booking application ecosystem.

  • Easy registration process:

    One of the key things to ensure in a taxi booking app is the easy and convenient registration process. The complete process should be simple and user-friendly. It should not be a tiring and frustrating process. All the user needs to do is provide the basic information to the app like mobile number, name, and personal address while the driver additionally should provide his license information and cab papers.

  • Automated payment options:

    The application should provide easier payment options such as cash, card, internet payment or via wallet.

  • User history:

    The application must also store the user profile and history of bookings made through an application. It must keep track of ride payments and bill payments for easy tracking purpose or if the customer requires for later review.

Booking a cab through a taxi booking app should be completely safe, convenient and easy for a user. If you want to launch your own booking application then there are several features. That you be considered in an application like tracking option, easier booking, easy registration process, multiple payment options, better cab availability and keeps a track of user history.

If you are looking to start your own taxi business in the United Kingdom than this is the time to do so. Make sure your rope in the services of a good developer who will give you value for money. The time to strike is now here!

Child Caring with On-Demand Babysitting App

For a parent getting child care at a short notice is always hard work. Remember we need to be able to trust that person who will be given the responsibility of looking after our children – how difficult is that? So we not only want a childminder at short notice but also one that will be able to look after our children in our absence. Some of the questions that every parent will ask any babysitter will be:

  • When and where did you do your professional training?
  • Are you train to give first aid?
  • Have you had any experience of dealing with physically and/or mentally challenged children?
  • Can you cook?
  • What are your charges?
  • Can you provide with references from parents who have used your services?
  • Can you start at short notice?
  • Have you been convict of any criminal charges? When and why?

The list is endless. Obviously, every parent will have their own set of questions but this is just a taste of the crucial requirements of every parent.

on demand babysitting app

Uber for On Demand Babysitting App to the Rescue

What if the answers to all the questions answer for you so that all you had to do was call the childminder? What if you could get a whole horde of professional childminders so that you are spoiled for choice on whom to select? This is exactly what led to the development of the on-demand babysitting app.

This app is a platform where parents can search for a childminder at their leisure and know for sure that all the background checks have been done thoroughly and that the childminders register on the app come with high credentials and good references.

Childminders register on the on demand babysitting app have had all their background checks done before being register on the system. That is why more and more parents are turning to these apps in their hour of need.

So who does all these checks for the parents? The checks are done by the admin or the owner of the app. There are many startups that are in this business of providing on-demand child care. They will get an app designed so that it can attract both childminders and parents alike to register on it for their mutual benefit. The app owner will vet and screen all the childminders who apply for registration. Full CRB and backgrounds check conduct into all the applicants and they register on the app only after the admin satisfy that all their credentials are in order.

Happy Parents Happy Children Happy Childminders Happy Admin

With this app, a whole chain of persons ends being happy. Parents are happy that they get a childminder to look after their children, children are happy that they have an apt and able person to look after them and who can relate to them and keep them company, childminders are happy because they are being paid to do what they love doing best and the admin is happy too. This is because, for every happy parent, he gets a commission. By this I mean for every childminder booked through the app, he gets percentage commission for providing this service.

There are many apps today that developed to provide child care services like Trust Nanny, Usit, and the Gobi. You can get an app develop too, just like one of these. Or better still an app that beats them all. Just get the services of a good developer, chat with him about how you want to make your babysitting business unique and away you go. The developer will develop the perfect on demand babysitting app for you and get you earning in no time. Get the app today and start earning!

Uber for Private Jets App for Android and iOS

I remember in my younger days when flying in an aeroplane was consider a luxury because few people could afford to fly. Today the world has become much smaller thanks to the fact that many people can afford to fly as going on holiday is now becoming a fashion. The commercial flights are all heavily booked especially during the peak season and that is why more and more people are looking for alternatives like the uber for private jets so that they can fly away to a destination of their choice at a rate that is economically convenient for them too.

uber for private jets

However, most people think that by using the on demand private jet app for flying may not be a good idea, thanks to the myths surrounding private jets. Let’s look at a few of the notions that people already have in their minds.

You can only fly in a private plane if you are rich

That is no longer the case. A private flying experience is one that can be cherished. By all, thanks to the availability of on demand jets that have given normal people the chance to enjoy luxury flying.

Bad weather grounds not only commercial flights but private ones too

That is not the case as uber for private jets have more than one landing spot if required. Private jets also can wait out the bad weather to pass or choose an alternate airport for takeoff and/or landing.

slower than commercial flights

Private planes fly above the commercial airspace and that is why they are much faster. By flying above the commercial airspace they also tend to avoid bad weather and turbulence.

Security checks are as tight as those of commercial flights

Private passengers do not have to go through any normal airport and airplane security measures. All they need to do is just turn up on the airstrip and board the plane. There are no security measures, gates or even metal detectors to hinder your flying experience.

Commercial flights are a safe option compare to private jets

Private jets are governed by the same aviation bodies that govern commercial planes.  Private jets are the monitor on a daily basis for maximum security.

On-demand flying –From the business point of view

Now that the myths surrounding private jets are laid to rest, you may be thinking that investing in an Uber for private jets may not be a bad idea at all since passengers would prefer this option the same way that they like the option of on-demand taxis. By providing this service, you will stand to get a commission for every passenger that books that fly on one of your planes. In today’s fast-paced world it is just so much easier to book a flight for an important meeting across the country and return back the same day too. You can be that person who will do the needful for these people, so get moving!


In the long list of e-Commerce businesses, the floral industry is definitely one that can benefit immensely with the uber for flower delivery app. This app has been designed such that clients can browse products and ensure that they have a seamless shopping experience. Whether they are looking for flowers to decorate their domestic front or to gift them to someone special, this on demand app has features that clients will enjoy using when they are doing their floral shopping.

uber for flower delivery



The app gives florists the facility to list all their products, be it bouquets, garlands, posies, wreaths, baskets, their size as well as whether they are simple or elaborate. Florists can add as many as they want and can continue adding new lines as they expand their business and product portfolio.

The florist can also categorize the flowers by occasion, type, size or price, with pictures and product descriptions thus giving shoppers a complete M-Commerce experience.

Clients can shop effortlessly by browsing, picking and choosing what they want and then paying through their automated payment system already integrated in the app.


Scheduling, geo-fencing and targeting are three features that can be used to improve your mobile app.

Scheduling – This feature helps the owner to schedule push notifications at scheduled times. This way, owners can send notifications to clients on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Friendship day etc. This is a very effective way of generating business. These timely messages also create a great impression with your customers who in turn will thank you for the same.

Geo-Fencing – This feature allows you to set a specific geographical boundary in which to send messages to your customers. This way anyone who walks into your geographical boundary will get a message. Florists can use this feature to inform clients about any new floral products, like types and arrangements. Florists can also use this feature to send reminders to clients about birthdays, anniversaries and occasions.

Targeting – The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform which comes incorporated in the App Builder Platform, allows florists to store information about all their customers. This includes details like contact address and number, as well as location. It also has the facility for florists to make groups and add “tags” to each group member so that it becomes easy to send targeted messages to that particular customer group.


Client loyalty is the main reason for every successful business. The more loyal your customers, the more the chances are that you will receive regular business from them.

Mobile apps are a great way of building customer loyalty. As the owner, you can offer different loyalty programs that give incentives to your clients to shop with you. You can also allow customers to build points whilst shopping for you, which they can redeem later when they come on yet another shopping spree.

If you are a florist or are looking into investing an app that gives other florists the chance to use your app as their platform, then start looking into the idea of building an on demand flower delivery app, which will not only improve your client relationship but will also bring you quick returns. Invest in the app and make the most out of your business!

The Ultimate Guide for the best food Delivery Service

With the advent of smart technology, the world is revolving around mobile phones and apps. You will be amazed at the number of people who are reliant on their mobiles. That is why more and more services are looking to appify their businesses because people prefer to get their goods and services online, rather than scouring through hundreds of shops. This is because apps offer the comfort, convenience and choice to users. The same applies to the food industry too. Let’s say you are hungry and there is nothing in the fridge. What’s more, you don’t feel like cooking, neither do you want to go out. What do you do? Turn to the on demand food delivery app of course. The perfect solution for you would be to get the food delivered to your doorstep. As easy as pie.

on demand food delivery app

The difficult part is deciding which app to use to get your food. There are so many food delivery apps on the market that you have no clue which one would suit you. What’s more, there is a new app on the market every day – that is more than enough to confuse anyone. Apart from deciding what to eat, it is yet another mission on deciding which app to use. That is where this guide comes in – gives you an idea of which app is best suited for your purposes.

A rundown of the top on demand food delivery app

UBER Eats –A standalone app that was launched in March 2016, you have to download it along with the Uber app. It gives you an option of ordering food on demand or from the restaurants listed on the app. The instant delivery takes about 10 minutes for delivery after the time of the request. Working hours for instant delivery are 11am to 2pm on weekdays and you have a choice of about five items.

Cube food delivery – Available on both the Android and iPhone platforms, users need to download and register on the app. It allows users to order food from more than one restaurant; it does have a wide choice of restaurants that you can choose. Once you place the order, users are able to track and monitor the food delivery boy as he makes his way to deliver the order. This app is ideal for anyone who is looking to set up their own on demand food delivery startup.

Deliveroo – Serving clients across the world, this app is ideal for anyone who is looking for a gourmet food experience from the comforts of their homes. This app is home to some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Amazon Restaurants – This app specializes in delivery food to Amazon Prime members. Apart from real-time tracking of the delivery, the user can choose restaurants that are suited to their budget, i.e. there is a choice of fast food casual eateries or fine dining restaurants. The app has a very popular selection of restaurants and cuisines that suits most palates.

The above list is not exhaustive.  There are many similar apps on the market. You can use the idea of any of these apps and launch your own on demand food delivery app. Any good developer will be able to give you a clone of the requested app at a reasonable price. In just a matter of days, you too can be the owner of a very lucrative food delivery business.