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Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Taxi Booking App in Lanka

Sri Lanka also known as the Island Nation holds a history as old as 2550 years having its reference in many popular ancient texts of India like the Ramayana and the Mahavamsa and is reputed as being a popular tourist destination due to its presence of beaches like the Kandy Island and the Kandy Lake to name a few.

Despite stretching across a length of 430 km and 220 km width, travelling there is no cakewalk due to the highly congested and busy roads thus making it important to get a taxi booking app in Lanka as it not only helps users travel in a safe and convenient manner but also at the same time empowers them to reach their destination on time.

The Island Nation has several taxi booking apps to help commuters reach their destination in the quickest time. However, the one that has altogether revolutionized the modern day digital taxi hailing process is the popular taxi booking app in Lanka, Yogo App.

The Yogo App offers secure and convenient taxi services to users allowing them to choose from different vehicles like Tulk, Nano, Mini, Mini Van, etc, to name a few at the most convenient prices.


Reasons for the Popularity of Yogo App Clone

  1. Flexibility to Choose Car
  2. Transparent Payment Method
  3. 24*7 Availability of Yogo Drivers
  4. Easy Tracking
  5. 100% Safety and Security of Driver and Rider

This revolutionary taxi booking app in Lanka has transformed the entire taxi on demand service and allowed it to build a name for itself along with allowing the riders to get a convenient and cost effective ride at their disposal.

The Yogo App success story has motivated new on demand taxi service providers to build a Yogo App Clone in order to make their app the first choice among riders in search of a taxi service.

However building a successful Yogo App Clone is very important as it would help the business build a name for itself.

Prerequisites of an Ideal Yogo App Clone

100% Bug Free

A 100% Bug Free Yogo App Clone would be the first determining factor for the success of your business as it would ensure that your app does not crash along the way and operates in a smooth and easy manner

Fully Licensed Source Code

A 100% fully licensed source code would ensure that you as the app owner can make customizations in the later future in your Yogo App Clone as per the changing needs of business and customers

Internal Text Chats

An internal chat feature would empower drivers and riders to remain connected to each other through the medium of text messages.

Taxi Manual Dispatch Panel

A taxi manual dispatch panel would empower those riders not having an access to smartphone or iPhone device to book the taxi services by visiting the website and placing a call.


Geo-fencing would enable the business owner to forbid the taxi driver from taking rides in crime prone and unsafe at dark areas.

Advanced FAQ Section

This would empower users to get answers to the queries if any while booking a ride from the Yogo App Clone.

So, make traveling easier and convenient for commuters and take your taxi on demand service towards the zenith of success with your very own taxi booking app in Lanka, the Yogo App Clone.

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