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Uber Clone – Scale Up Your On-Demand Taxi Business Instantly

Looking for ways to level up your Taxi Business? Every entrepreneur wishes to stay up in their business game. Just a few years ago, getting a cab was calling a customer care number and booking a taxi. The entire process has been simplified with the advent of Uber. 

Uber has been a groundbreaking thing to happen in On-Demand Transportation Industry.  It made taxi booking super easy. In no time it formed its monopoly now offering its services in more than 80 countries across the world. The concept has been Super Hit, and profitable, there’s no doubt why business owners will not want to have their version of the Uber Clone App.

Mobile app technologies are coming up with innovative ideas. It makes possible for startups and entrepreneurs to Build Uber Clone App.

Developing a taxi app using the concept of Uber right from ground zero will be time-consuming and costly. The entire app development process will take months to launch and till then there will be some new technology will introduce making your Taxi Booking App look outdated. The money, resources, and time you have to spend over is a waste. So, the best solution is to buy Readymade Uber Clone App.

Level Up Your Taxi Booking Game With Newly Featured Uber Clone App

Taxi Booking iWatch App

Modern technology has paved the way for multi-functional devices like the smartwatch. Making our lives easier and better, having Apple Watch App for your Taxi Booking Business can be beneficial for your business. 

The App Watch App helps in facilitating your Taxi Booking Business immediately. With the growing number of Apple Users, this is the best way to launch your Taxi Booking Business with iWatch App. The users can directly connect the app with their Apple Phone and book the taxi in a minute without taking their phone out. It has the same features that will find in Uber like App.

Integrating Your Uber Like App with Corona Related Advance Features

  • Restricted passenger limit feature enables the driver to restrict the passenger limit based on the “Social Distancing Norms” decided by the government of that region
  • The driver has to upload their selfies into the app ensuring the face mask is on while driving. 
  • Safety checklist is displayed to the users while booking the ride ensuring they must follow the precautionary measures
  • Ride cancellation feature allows the driver and the riders to cancel the ride if either of them are not following the COVID19 safety rules.
  • Safety ratings and reviews feature allows the user to provide feedback based on COVID19 norms.
  • Applying toll cost manually feature allows the driver to add the toll charges manually to the invoice once the trip ends. 
  • Taxi fare calculation 2 models  allows the admin to choose from – The rider pays as per the estimated showed before or as per the road travelled.
  • The OTP verification features acts like a security measure that ensures that the right rider has booked the trip. The driver will ask for the OTP verification before starting the ride.
  • Graphical status of the rides notifies the rider through a graphical icon about the taxi status and its estimated arrival time.
  • Restricting drivers fraud feature prevents the driver from marking “Arrived” unless they have not arrived to the location. This provides transparency to the user that they will not be cheated by the raised fare.
  • Location wise banners and push-notification allows the Admin to flash the banners and send mass notifications to the selected locations to target the users.
  • Using Firebase for the mobile verification is the cheaper option compared to 3RD Party SMS.
  • Cookie consent popup alerts the user about the usage of the cookies complying with GDPR & EU cookie directives. This can be enabled/disabled from the backend. 


Developing Taxi Booking App like Uber because the Ride-hailing brand has made its monopoly in the transportation industry. People quickly recognize the name and trust that the Taxi Booking App made from the same concept is trustable and reliable.

With the pandemic, the rise in the cab booking has increased. Therefore, it is the right time to level up your taxi business by Building Uber Clone App with the above-mentioned features.

You already are taking the successful business concept of Uber for your Taxi Business. All you have to do is unique services and features that adds value for your users. 

Outsource your Taxi Booking App work to an experienced Uber Clone App Development Company. Talk to their representative about the concept you have in mind to launch in your location. The app development team should be experienced to know what kind of features, services and pricing structure can make your app successful. Before placing the order, take the final demo in the live environment. The app has to be white-label solution so that you can customize it as per your user’s changing behavior. 

Buying White-label Uber Clone App Solution doesn’t have to be expensive. Thus, check and compare the Uber Clone App Rates along with their features and authenticity of its functionality before making the purchase.

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