Sharjah to Dubai by Uber Clone App

Most of the people, who are keeping the heart of Dubai throbbing, actually live in Sharjah. They commute every day to and from Sharjah to Dubai. The taxi business is a booming one not only in Sharjah but also in Dubai. It is therefore very natural that one of the main businesses in Dubai is investing in the computing business. More and more people are venturing into buying cloned scripts like the Uber Clone app as they are available at a reasonable cost and the features are as good as the original.

The Uber clone connects passengers to drivers. It is a fully automated app which will save you valuable time. Passengers can log onto the app to check out what rides are available in the area. Once they choose their ride, the driver will accept the ride and come to pick up the passenger. The passenger will also input their credit/debit card details on the system. The payment is automatically deducted once the ride is over. This will be when the driver confirms on the system that the ride is completed.

The service is very efficient and within minutes your driver will arrive and take you to your destination in style. It is Dubai after all!

A beautiful feature about Uber is that you can actually see where your driver is at all times. As soon as your ride is confirmed a little Uber cab will turn up on your screen giving its exact location. No excuses for the driver now!

Real-time tracking enables the Rider to note where the driver is at all times. It is an excellent feature when it comes to people who are not familiar with the location. It prevents people from getting lost. The rider can immediately check on the app and confirm his location and there is no space for any confusion.

After the ride is over, the passenger and the driver can give a rating to the ride.

Should you build your own app from scratch?

If you too want to get your hands on the ocean of profitability that is generated from apps like ‘uber, then perhaps you have considered the possibility of building your own apps too. However, before you take that path, there are a few things you should pay attention to:

1 What is it that you are looking for?

Mostly, people have no idea about what they want. They just have a vague idea of what they want and they leave the rest to the developer. Now the developer may be an expert in coding, but he definitely doesn’t know too much about your particular business. This is why it is important to give him a very clear and concise detail about your requirement. Unless you do that, there are always going to be modifications and changes that you will keep asking the developer to undertake. This will not only be time-consuming but also very expensive.

2 Practical situational errors

Unless people have used your app, you wouldn’t know all the situations that can arise while using it. This is usually called the Beta testing phase of the app. As more and more people start using the application, you will become aware of more and more issues. You have to continuously address these issues and problems and find their solution so that your app is glitch free and absolutely usable.

3 Availability of Resources

Building an application isn’t an easy thing to do. It requires a whole lot of capital, a lot of time and definitely a lot of resources. You need the right kind of experts who can handle the application well and you need skilled professionals who can understand what you are offering. Apart from this, you will definitely need to provide the right kind of infrastructure to ensure that your final application is not redundant but the latest version in itself.

4 Budget

IF you are on a shoestring budget, then it is perhaps not the best idea, to begin with, app building. It will take a lot of money. Every step requires money. And since the application is absolutely new, it will be time intensive. The developers usually charge by the hour, and by the time you are done providing for them, you will have depleted your resources completely. If you have a lot of money to spend on the application and a lot of time, then nothing can be better than building your own application as it will be a custom solution for your major requirements.

Why Invest to Buy Uber Clone App Script

Cabbing is the word of the day as far as Dubai, or even the United Arab Emirates as a whole is concerned. If you go to Dubai, all you will see are cabs, cabs and more cabs on the roads. That in itself is enough reason to invest in the script. You can rest assured you will never go wrong. Mind you, you will see the odd diamond crusted Mercedes in between.

Millions of tourists visit Dubai every year, another reason why more and more cabs needed. More and more immigrants are leaving their native countries to go to Dubai to find their fortunes. They all settle in Sharjah and work in Dubai. They will take full advantage of your services.

Investing in such a service is the way to the future. Not only in Dubai or Sharjah but globally.  No one would miss the chance of a comfortable, stress-free ride on their way to a long day of hard work. Isn’t that one more reason to uber clone app?

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