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Get The Best Uber Clone Script Solution for your Taxi Business

If you are looking to create your own on-demand taxi service and enter into the field of tours and travels within the city or even outside the city, it is time to explore all the possibilities. The Uber app clone script provides the best taxi experience to the user. Most applications designed to provide technologically advanced features. The number of new sophisticated features including location tracking, sharing, dynamic changes in tracking and booking cabs.

Uber mobile app script has been designed to enhance the user experience for all drivers, travelers, recreating an enriched user experience. The uber clone script works in real time. It also contains the data of customer as he boards the cab from the pickup location to his specific desired location.

Create your own Uber app clone script

The mobile app clone is a top-notch service application that has created a lot of hype among cab service users around the world. Applications offer numerous benefits and come with various features that are currently in high demand and widely accepted. It has an efficient customer database that allows you to support more people in a cost-effective manner.

Uber app clone with a backend supported by a dynamic platform can give an excellent support to your mobile application. Behind the creation of the app, a clone is that it has all the relative features of its parent app and can even be customized according to the client’s requirement.

The Uber clone script consists of a variety of features:

Easy payment options

Well, easy payment option refers to multiple payment options. In multiple payment options, there is offline payment which is cash that can be paid at the time on trip ends. And the one is online payment option that can be done through credit card or net banking. The wallet is also available but to pay through the wallet, a user should add money to it via their debit, credit card or net banking.

Google Map integration

This feature is one of the most important parts of an uber clone script as Google map is the only way to understand the direction. Without the map, there will be no direction available. Even the tracking system will not work without Google map. That is why Google map integration is very important in uber clone app. It is available in both the driver and rider apps so that when a ride is booked, both individuals can track each other using Google Maps.

New User Registration

User registration is way much simple. To enjoy the services, a user will have to register themselves by filling up a registration form that appears first time while opening the app. There is another option available to register yourself as an app user, register via social account i.e., Facebook and Google+. Registering yourself through social account will help you in skipping all the data filling procedure that is boring and hectic.

Support for all Operating Systems

The uber clone script is very much flexible as it supports the most trending and usable operating system of all time. Android and iOS are the most widely used mobile operating systems, with users located all around the world. The uber clone app works perfectly in these both the operating system.

Calculates and Tracks the Cab Service Or Usage

The trip fare is predetermined and displayed before the trip begins. The trip fare is calculated by adding the cost of the services the rider has chosen for themselves. Almost, it takes the distance, the type of ride as well as some optional services. The commission of the owner cut from the fare only. No extra amount took from the user.

The Admin Can Keep Tracks of All the Cabs

As you know that admin is the owner of the business. They have the power to do anything via the admin panel. Administrator or owner has full rights of Admin panel that is a web tool. Through the admin panel, the owner can track all the cabs that are working under him or her.

Customers Can View Cab Location On The App

With the help of GPS and PUBNUG technology, a customer can locate the driver on their Smartphone screen. Well, PUBNUB is an amazing technology used for real-time tracking.

With the help of such widely acceptable and efficient the uber mobile app clone, you can create your own application. The help of app-based analytics, better graphical interface, and other related features; you can easily track all the things happening in the mobile application and increase your customer base.

One of the major challenges that app creators and developers face is in relation to cost. Relation to cost, the amount invested has to be lesser. The problem with app creation is to track returns can only happen over a long duration. Probably It can’t be instantaneous. Buying a ready application is the best option. You make a single one-time investment and that sorts you out immediately.

Most people are working on updating application; the services can only obtain from a team of talented app creators, modifiers. Therefore, It is better to approach only quality coders and clone app creators and this is why one must contact us certainly. The website and creators have enough knowledge to help you create the best Uber app clone script.

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