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Tips For Developing A Gojek Clone App To Make Your Startup Successful

Smartphones have put everything at your fingertips, including GPS, alarm clocks, and even daily grocery shopping. Consider the technology you were using 10 years ago. How unlike was it to the present? We can see that the older technology is already out of date if we compare the two. The numerous new developments that take place every day only serve to improve the quality of life for people. But along with these benefits, the technology also has some disadvantages. If you don’t keep up with technology, you risk falling behind. Let’s rapidly move on to the top suggestions for enhancing your on-demand business with this awesome Gojek clone app.

On-demand Multi Services App Development Tips For Startups

Sell Those Services That Are High In Demand

In comparison to inventing, manufacturing, sourcing, and shipping things, selling a service that is higher in demand and has reduced overheads.

You won’t have to worry about any fees because the various providers, such as beauticians, electricians, babysitters, technicians, and car washers, will register on the app. Additionally, if you sell services on an app like Gojek, you’ll receive commission plus a lump-sum membership plan price.

Charge Extra Offering Rush Hour Services

It’s acceptable to charge a premium for rush hour services. Even though you will just be adding a tiny fee, clients that require that service right now will be willing to pay for it.

Additionally, your on-demand multi-service platform will change more since during “rush hours” there is a high demand for services but a low supply of resources.

Therefore, one who is willing to pay more for the services has the luxury of receiving them immediately.For instance, more people reserve cabs between 9 am to 10 am as these are work hours travel time. Customers will have to pay extra to reserve and ride in a cab during this hour.

Explore That Is Not Being Provided in Similar Apps

To start a new business using App like Gojek, offering something new and beneficial to your users can quickly help you establish your business.

This includes:

Online video consultation

Allow your consumers to consult with experts like doctors, tutors, fitness trainers, and even astrologers while relaxing in their own homes. Customers can request video consultations from the appropriate service provider in their area by sending an email. The supplier will initiate a video call with the client at the specified time and date. To put it briefly, clients don’t even have to leave their homes to visit and consult the experts.

Service Bidding

Another new trend that is assisting customers in their search for the ideal service provider is placing virtual bids for services. Customers can post a task on an app like Gojek, and all nearby handymen who fit the specified criteria are simultaneously sent a request.

The customer and the providers can begin negotiating the price in real-time once the handymen start posting offers on the post.

Invest In Gojek Clone App

KingX 2022 puts you ahead of the competition in the corporate world with new features and 82+ services. Testing the app thoroughly in a live setting and making sure it is precisely what you want for your customers and service providers is the greatest way to ensure that you are buying the best.

Since the service provider will be the one earning money off of you, it is critical to analyze the app from their point of view. Talk to the development team about your expectations and how they can be satisfied with your app if you have any questions about something in the app or don’t like what you see when testing it.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the one described above, there are numerous other pointers you as a company in the on-demand market can take into account while you design your gojek clone app. There is no better method to ensure that the final product is high-quality and certain to be “successful” than to contact a certified white-labeling company with a top-notch Gojek clone script!

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