Arab Women take the reins with the new Taxi Apps

Taxi Solution for women

Women have been the drivers for the lives of everyone around them. As mothers, wives, sisters or daughters, women make way for our lives to be comfortable. Being a great nation that Saudi Arabia is, it’s Vision for 2030 enables women to drive cars and thereby handle taxi apps like Uber to establish their own business. The Royal Decree states that June 2018 will see a lift on the ban that was previously imposed on women drivers. More than 1000 women have already enrolled and registered themselves in taxi apps like Uber to take control of their lives.  Many such taxi app development companies have begun setting up centers to allow women to register and get training if they wish to associate with them and take their business forward.  


What is Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030?

Oil has been the root wealth and business plan for Saudi Arabia for quite some time. But the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has a great futuristic post oil scenario all set up and planned. The ultimate objective as is shared states that women must be empowered in all domains of the professional guild to ascertain that the nation continues to see growth and development. As of the beginning of this year more than a hundred thousand women have been enrolled for over a hundred roles in the immigrations services and passport development sectors.

Why is there an expected rise in the demand for the transportation sector?

It all boils down to the digital wave. With more and more e commerce websites flooding the market place and a monetary value of $95 billion expected to double in another couple of years, it isn’t a shocker that the service industry and the logistic and transport sector are seeing a high demand. This itself will give the Saudi women a tremendous number of opportunities without the requirement of express consent by any male. The Ministry spokesperson, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein commented that now women will not have to wait for permission from a guardian. Now the women are going to be authorized to start off their own business.

The #No_Need Campaign

An Arabic company by the name of Taysir started the #No_Need campaign which aspires to counsel and offer guidance to women regarding the necessary procedures that are required to start a new business. IT shows women how they can avoid visiting a notary and handle the entire procedure of business documentation electronically.

The system that was prevalent earlier made it mandatory for women to provide a “proof of permission” from a male guardian. This was known as the “guardianship system”. Any work that involved government papers, enrolling in classes or even travel would require this proof of permission.  With the change to be set in motion, the women in Saudi Arabia will be able to contribute hugely to the private sectors by turning in to entrepreneurs which will also change the shape of their cultural context as well.

Taxi apps for women entrepreneurs

Taxi apps are the best solution to the budding entrepreneurial streak in the women. It offers a solution that requires little or no effort and reaps huge benefits. Such apps primarily need a onetime investment and after that every time a user uses the app for taxi booking, the owner of the app gets to make money.

Such simple apps with a promise of making a better world and empowering more and more women are what technology is aimed at. Apps can shape our future and make a better world by giving us the power to do more with the least amount of effort.

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