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Build Secure, Scalable, and White labeled On-demand Morni Clone Roadside Assistance in Saudi Arabia

An individual is traveling somewhere and his car breaks down. Stranded alone in a secluded place is not a new scene that we witness. But, what’s new is getting immediate towing service help. All thanks to the morni clone app that has eased down the anxiety and frustration of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.  

Few taps on the Morni Clone App and the tow truck reaches the driver, taking the car to the nearest garage to fixi it. It is as easy as it seems. 

So, if you are eyeing to enter an On Demand Towing Service market, developing an app like Morni can be the best choice.

How To Build An App Like Morni Towing Service App Saudi Arabia

To stay updated and ahead in the competition, it is crucial to adopt the latest technology trends. Mobile apps are becoming common but, the new trend is On Demand apps.  Therefore, creating an On Demand Morni Towing Services in Saudi Arabia can get your towing services desired exposure connecting more customers.

Building a rich feature towing service app for Saudi Arabia by hiring a mobile app development company can lead your towing business to higher success.

Morni clone towing service app will have a similar look-alike design and features will have three modules: 

  • Customer/User panel
  • Towing service provider
  • Admin panel 

Features To Consider When Developing Towing Service Apps?

Offline Bookings

Not everyone is used to using apps. In that case, you can have your Morni Clone App integrated with the feature that can take bookings through Phone/ Email and SMS.

Add vehicles

This feature allows the user to add all multiple vehicles with basic vehicle information. Thus helping the service provider to know what kind of assistance the vehicle needs and comes prepared with such.


It lets your user be notified regarding the confirmation or there is any new launch of the services, featured service providers, promotional discounts, etc.

Advanced search

It lets your users search by narrowing down the preferences by location, prices, service provider ratings, work history, and so on. This way it lets them choose the suitable one.

GPS tracking

The feature helps in tracking the location of the driver thus, assisting him to reach quickly

Secured payment gateway

Having a secured payment gateway makes your app the fortified. The users without worrying can share their credit /debit card details for the payment.


Getting feedback and ratings will aid you in knowing your app performance and where it needs improvement. Hence, this way working on the negative feedbacks will let you enhance your app performance.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Towing Service App?

The cost to build an app like Morni depends on several factors such as:

  • App platform
  • Technology
  • App complexity
  • Features
  • Interface

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are two major things to consider – the mobile app development company that you are hiring and the location. However, your app development team will be suggesting to build Morni Clone Towing Service App with essential features and later on integrate it with more advanced level features.

Advantages Of Hiring A Mobile App Development Company?

Not only you get access to the best of the technical expertise team but developing Morni Clone App provides you with:

Customizable features 

The app is built latest On Demand technology with an open-source code. Thus, allowing you to change, add, edit, delete the features as per your business demands.

Rich user-experience

It has a well-researched dynamic interface therefore provides a great browsing experience to your users 


Like said, the Towing Service app in Saudi Arabia is developed on a state-of-the-art scalable technology. Hence allowing your business to expand and grow without any glitches. 

3rd Party integration

The app is capable to support 3rd party integrations therefore enhancing your service offerings.

Support team

The developer team assists with any technical issues, errors, or downtime problems.

Therefore, it is advisable to collaborate with a professional On Demand App Development Company where it takes care of your app development from the designing and development process to launching your app in the App Store/ Play Store. 

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