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How To Grow Your Car Wash Business In Dubai?

For a country like Dubai, where there are more cars than people, a car wash business is one of the most profitable ideas. However, as time is evolving, the traditional methods of getting cars washed are becoming more and more archaic. Today, people like to use their smart phones for anything. This is where an app like the Keno Car Wash Clone comes in to picture. To grow your business, you will need all the tools at your disposal. This is why; today, we will discuss everything there is to know about growing your Keno Car Wash App Clone based business in Dubai.

Secure the best Keno Car Wash App Clone in the market

A large part of this business depends on the On Demand nature of the service. This is why; you should first focus on getting the right app for your self, such that it suits all the major criteria for your business. Since there are many developers around the world who offer free lance services and some companies who provide dedicated developers.

Hence, it is easy for entrepreneurs to get lured in to building their own apps. However, please note that building an app is going to be extremely expensive as it will involve the staff salary for all your android and iOS developers, apart from the PHP developers, content writers, business analysts, research team, Q A team and so on and so forth. You will also have to shell out a considerable amount of money for a development centre and buy state of the art infrastructure to load it up with. 

Build your Brand Story

There is no doubt about the fact that Dubai is a thriving country with multiple on demand car wash app. In order for your business to stand out, you have to make sure that you at least provide a clear company goal and brand story. 

Today’s customers like to associate themselves with an ideology rather than just go for cheaper pricing. This is why; creating a brand story and using a coherent brand language will go a long way in establishing your brand’s identity and thereby create more brand awareness and brand recognition which will ultimately percolate into higher sales. 

Create A Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is tool of every business owner’s dream. It is the one of the effective ways to attract more users by advertising, showing your ads only to people. Use the full potential of various digital platforms to make people realize that you are now in business and available to offer your car wash services to them.

While drafting your marketing strategy or plan, make sure that you have a consistent brand language. It is important to create a similar color theme across various mediums to help customers associate your ads with your brand. 

Furthermore, it is also essential that you repeatedly inform your customers about your Unique Selling Points and remind them why or how your app and its services are better than your competitors in Dubai. 

Offers and Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are like a carrot for the customers. The more you offer, the higher are your sales. Design loyalty programs to ensure that your customers are not only left feeling rewarded for their regular use of your services. This way you increase your user base.

This also falls under the marketing category, so you may seek advice from marketing consultants or even do a little digging on what other companies in your industry are doing to find out the most viable and feasible option for your business. 

Go White Label

White labeling is a process of web development where in a company builds an app from scratch and keeps it ready for their clients. When a client whose needs fit the developed app request to purchase the app, the white label mobile app development company renames the app with the logo and brand name of the purchasing company and adds their company color theme to it as well. The development company removes any trace of their own logo or name from the app. 

In Conclusion

Alternatively, if you opt to purchase a ready made keno Car Wash App clone instead, you can have a market penetration in just 4 to 5 business days with a fraction of the expenditure. Since these apps are already in a pre built condition, you will be able to test it completely before having to spend any money on it.  The app is developed and launched on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store under the purchasing company’s brand name and server credentials, ready for customers to download. This option will be the most cost effective and time friendly option if you wish to start your Keno Car Wash Clone App based business in Dubai.

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