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Establish your grocery delivery business with InstaCart clone

If you have a grocery business and you want to expand it to newer forays, then going for an InstaCart clone app for your business which will facilitate your users to purchase products directly from using your app and getting them delivered to their doorstep. 

There are many InstaCart Clones out there, but if you want to truly succeed, you must find out the one that is most suited for your business. To do this, the first step you want to do is to chart out a business plan. A business plan is not just a piece of paper, but actual strategies that will help you understand how to grow your business. 

Here are a few things that you must include in your business plan

  1. The different phases in which you want to expand your business.
  2. The growth strategy that you have in mind. 
  3. What are your short term and long term targets?
  4. The budgets that you have set aside for each phase of the growth of your business. 
  5. What are the milestones that you have set forth to make your business achieve in every phase of growth?
  6. Marketing and sales strategies that you have put together.
  7. What are your back up plans in case your initial strategies don’t work?

Once you have these things put down, you will be able to compare your initial assessment of the business with the current state of the growth of your business. The app is the central component of your business therefore; you have to also be aware of what are the features that you want to include in your InstaCart clone app.

Understanding the CoVid 19 Situation

If there is anything that the CoVid 19 Corona Virus Pandemic Situation has done for us all it is to explain to us all how important it is to take safety and hygiene seriously. The way people have been doing their business has been changed dramatically. More and more people have become aware of the consequences of not managing and handling hygiene and safety properly. 

This is why; when you build your app, you have to be sure that you add special features that CoVid 19 proof your business. The most important CoVid 19 Corona Virus Special features are:

Contactless Deliveries

This is a feature that allows you to make sure that your delivery drivers can deliver groceries to the doorstep of your customers without coming in direct contact with them. The app has to make it possible to do so in a seamless manner. So, the user should be able to get a picture notification of the groceries delivered at their door.

Safety Badge for Stores

This feature would allow users to see a safety badge put up on the various stores that are registered in the app that have been verified and are certainly following all the hygiene and safety precautions and regulations that are levied by the government. 

Information Banner

The biggest threat to any kind of business today is misinformation. The app has to have a place where the business owners and the app owner (you) should be able to give your users the appropriate information regarding the situation so that they can take informed decisions regarding how to purchase groceries safely from your stores. 

Getting the right InstaCart Clone

There are many InstaCart clones available in the market today. With so many developers and white label on demand mobile app development companies building their own on demand mobile grocery delivery apps it has become extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to select one that makes most sense for their own business. 

There are 3 main things that you must look for in your own InstaCart clone. They are:

Local Language Integration

This is a very important factor. You have to be able to make sure that your customers don’t have to learn a new language to be able to use your app. You have to make sure that your users can access your services in a language that they are comfortable in speaking and reading. Please remember that the app is not just for tourists visiting your country and staying in an Air BNB, who need groceries from time to time. It is for the locals. But the app is also for the delivery drivers and the local stores who need to be able to access the app. 

Local Currency Integration

This is a feature that will eliminate the need for your users to continuously convert the prices and the fares into their local currency to make a payment. The local currency option will empower your users and the local grocery stores registered in your app to be able to offer their products in the local currency. 

Local Payment Gateway Integration

There are many apps which completely overlook this factor. To be able to facilitate online payment through the app, it is important to integrate the local payment gateways in the app. For example, PayPal is a great payment gateway but what works best in Africa is MPesa. Therefore, you have to be able to identify what works best in your regions and then find an app that has this facility. 

The ideal way to go about this is to make sure that you buy a ready made Instacart Clone developed by a white label on demand mobile app Development Company that has at least 6 to 8 years of experience in building the app. Also, make sure that the app can be tested thoroughly for an unlimited duration of time before you actually go ahead and make a purchase for the same. This will give you an idea of exactly what your customers should expect from your app once you launch it on the Google Play store and iOS app store. 

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