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How is the Gojek Clone App a Game-Changer

Gojek clone is the all-in-one app that has more than 82 services to offer. The app users can choose to book a moto ride anytime, place an order for chicken soup and Hakka noodles from a nearby Chinese restaurant, and even get a spa therapy at home. A variety of services are available for booking right on the app that is hard to take your eyes off the plenty of wonders it extends. Certainly, this all-in-one super app is a true game-changer. 


Right from the start, this app has been winning the hearts of entrepreneurs all across the world. How? The many specialties of this app make it a true super-duper app that has ever launched on Earth. 

  1. Customers can purchase and book anything they want from the app. 
  2. Its 82+ on-demand services make it the best on-demand multi-services app solution.
  3. App has a whole bunch of advanced features that support the needs of this ultra-modern era. Credit card management, real-time tracking, biometric authentication, etc. are some of these modern features pre-integrated into this app. 

Besides these superpowers of the Gojek clone app, two other facets caught the attention of many. First is the super quick turnaround time of launching the app on a global scale. Second is the affordable pricing of the entire app script. 

Every entrepreneur who once wished to become a service industry market leader, at this point is the most successful. Giving all the credits to the award-winning on-demand multi-service app, here we mention the highlighting features of the app. 

Geo fence location 

App admin can manage the locations for all the services and restrict the areas that are prone to crime. Using this feature, the admin can easily define the areas they want to provide their services or not. By selecting the area where they want to restrict the service, the admin can contain them under red flags. 

In-app wallet integration 

The Gojek clone app has an in-app wallet in both user’s and provider’s app. With this feature, transactions can be made via the in-app wallet itself. Users and providers can manage their wallet balance from their profile and pay/receive payments using the app wallet only. For instance, the user can pay the provider via the app. Similarly, even the provider can pay their commission to the entrepreneur from the wallet. 

Estimated fare calculation for taxi/moto ride

It is because of this feature that the users get to know the trip fare even before requesting the ride. The estimate is calculated by highly advanced algorithms. So, whenever the rider enters the source location and the destination, a list of vehicle types appears on the screen along with their fare. 

Over the internet calling and chatting 

This multi-service app like Gojek also includes the features important to keep users’ and drivers’ security intact. Therefore, it has a pre-integrated internet calling and chatting feature that can be done using the app itself. All the Gojek clone app users and providers are safeguarded from exchanging their personal numbers with each other. 

Add multiple stop-over points during the ride

To help the riders save multiple trips to locations en route to their home or else, the app facilitates the feature of adding multiple stop-over points. For instance, a rider booked a ride from the airport to their home. The rider wishes to get a cup of coffee and pick up their parcels from the post office. Luckily, both the stops fall on the same route they are on. Therefore, the rider can add the two stops. While the rider is running errands, the taxi driver will pause the ride and wait for the passenger to arrive before resuming the ride again. 


The users and providers are the most important stakeholders of an app. Therefore, the entrepreneurs go the extra mile to provide them with all kinds of facilities and comfort. So, if you are one looking to change the game with the most advanced and modern-age business solution, nothing can beat a Gojek clone app infused with stellar features and multiple services.

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