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How Gojek Clone Fulfills Your Customer’s Needs

A powerfully built Gojek Clone app is an on-demand multi-service solution that is crammed with some of the best features that an app should have. Moreover, when you look at the service assortment of the app, you’ll be shocked to know that it offers 82+ on-demand services. In brief, Gojek Clone application is capacitated to fulfill the daily needs of a common man.  

This blog discusses how this multi-functional on-demand service app will fulfill a customer’s needs and wants. Let’s begin! 

The On-demand App Model Instantly Satisfies a Customer’s Demand

The term on-demand means on-the-go or on-the-spot! With a simple click on the mobile app, the customer can book any service that they want. For instance, if you want a haircut and get them styled at home because you have a party to attend in the evening, you need to simply click on the screen! Once you select the services, add the address, and choose the payment method, you can send the service request to the providers nearby. 

The on-demand multi-service app provider will then accept the request and immediately reach the service location. Apart from instant service booking, customers can also schedule them at a preferred date and time.  

Offers 82+ On-demand Services – A Service for Every Need

Since we are talking about the needs of a customer, in a day, there can be several things that the customers wish for. Let’s begin from the time you leave for work and see how this app has a solution for everything. 

  • Commuting to the workplace: book a taxi ride from your home to the office. Select corporate rides if needed and get the transportation allowance! 
  • Order lunch: get your food delivered from the nearby restaurant straight to your office’s door front. 
  • Running out of groceries back at home: order the groceries from the office and on the way back home, pick them up yourself from the store. 
  • You brought your husband’s file by mistake: get it delivered to your husband’s office in minutes by hiring a delivery runner! 
  • Found your kitchen’s pipe leaking: don’t worry, instantly book a plumber. They’d visit your home and fix everything before your furniture starts floating around. 

These are just a few examples of the services available on the app. Besides these, your customers can also book two additional services on the new  Gojek Clone – KINGX 2022 app. 

  • Online video consultation with the doctor, lawyer, tutor, fitness coach, etc. 
  • Service bidding with the local handymen like plumbers. Carpenters, house painters, etc. 

No Need to Pay in Cash! Online Payments Are Accepted Here

Gone are the days when the customers were asked to pay cash or in fact, they paid crisp currency notes only. Today, everything is happening online! The modern apps are providing the customers with multiple credit cards so that they can pay easily. Besides, wallet-to-wallet transactions are also becoming popular! Rather than paying directly from the credit card the customers recharge their in-app wallet balance and pay from it! 

This is how the on-demand multi-service app is helping people to get their daily chores done. The all-in-one app is not only helping people to get their daily tasks done but also offering them next-level satisfaction! 

In Conclusion: 

Summing up, if you feel like offering your customers a satisfaction level that’s cut above all the other competitors, then launch the Gojek Clone app today! Get in touch with the best white-labeling experts in the world, purchase the clone app script, rebrand it, and you’re all set to launch the app! 

Become an entrepreneur in just 1 to 2 weeks with this amazing app! 

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