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With the changing modern era, technology has taken a swift turn towards the latest technology. Everything nowadays is available with the fingertips of our hand. There is nothing impossible to get online with the few taps on our phone. There are a number of apps launched nowadays which provides on-demand services in quick time. Go-life clone app is one of them. Some on-demand services offered by Go-life clone app are Go-massage, Go clean, Go-auto, Go-glam, etc.

Go-life clone app is a part of Gojek clone app which connects the users with more than 12,000 professionals in the beauty, automotive, hygiene, massage therapists who are well trained and experienced in their field.

on demand assistance app

Let’s get into detail about some of the services provided by go-life app clone

Massage service

Go-life clone app provides amazing massage services to their customers. Whether you want to take simple relaxation massage, face massage, scrapings or a pregnancy massage, you can easily get all these services just by few simple clicks on your mobile phone.

Cleaning service

Just reached from your hectic office hours and still your house is not clean? No need to worry about the cleanliness of your home sweet home. Take your phone and make a request for cleaning service with Go-life clone app. It is an app which provides professional cleaning service to its customers without any complications. This service is available in Bali, Jabodetabek, Palembang, Semarang, etc.

We can avail of this wonderful service in Houses, Apartments, shops, lodging rooms, etc. The main services offered by the app are sweeping, dusting, mopping, room cleaning and bathroom cleaning. There are some additional services which are provided by the app such as Refrigerator cleaning, cupboard cleaning, washing up, stove cleaning, kitchen cleaning, ironing, and folding.

Automotive solutions

This wonderful application provides automotive solutions as well to its customers. Let’s have a look at the automotive services offered by the app-

  • Auto care: This app provides auto care services for the vehicles of their customers varying from motorcycle wash and cars, water spot removal, body wax and also the machine upkeep.
  • Great service: Go-life clone app tune-up your vehicle, change your oil, battery and other parts of your vehicle that are needed to be changed. Hurry and avail this offer.
  • Towing facility: This app also provides the towing facility to its customers. In case of an emergency such as the accident of your vehicle or battery fault, you can go with towing option with this app.

Beauty care solutions

The app also provides beauty care services to its customers. Whether you want to go for a haircut, hair washing, nail care, makeup or waxing, everything is available in this single app.

If you are planning for a business and want to invest your money by which you can earn a good amount of profit then you should choose Go-life app clone which is well known and credible in the market.

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