Revolutionize the On Demand Service Industry with Gojek Clone

The on demand service has transformed over the recent years thanks to the presence of the apps. These apps have not only digitized their services to a great extent but also at the same time helped them build a brand for themselves and take their business towards new heights of success.

There are several on demand service apps that have helped users get the services in a convenient manner and take the on demand service industries reach great heights, however the one that has outshined them all is the Gojek App.

Introduced as a motorcycle ride hailing app in the year 2010 in Indonesia, over the years it expanded its services and currently offers over 52+ on demand services like food delivery, grocery delivery, beauty service, carpenter, etc, to name a few.

on demand service industry

The app operates in a very simple and seamless manner

  1. User logs into the application or registers into it as the first time user
  2. Enter the application, finds the service, chooses service and nearest service provider
  3. User books the service
  4. Adds their location and payment method, cash/card/wallet
  5. User tracks the service
  6. Gets service
  7. User rates and leaves a review for service

This easy functionality of the app in turn makes it a favourite among users allowing them to get their desired services in the most convenient manner. It has also helped the on demand service industry in building a brand for itself and making huge profits along the way along with encouraging businesses, both new as well as those who wish to digitize their services, to get a Gojek Clone, a powerful on demand service solution that would help their on demand service become successful as well as a name to reckon with.

However before an on demand service industry decides to get a Gojek clone for themselves, they need to make sure that it has a few important characteristics present in it so that their services can reach a large target audience.

Characteristics of Ideal Gojek Clone

  1. Licensed Source Code
  2. 100% Responsive Gojek Clone Script
  3. White Labelled Solution
  4. Interactive Admin Web Panel
  5. Multiple Payment Options

Licensed Source Code

A 100% Licensed Source Code would empower you as the owner of the Gojek Clone to customize and make modifications in the app as and when necessary depending on the changing need of your business or your customer

100% Responsive Gojek Clone Script

A responsive clone script would ensure that your app can work well across platforms like android, iOS, tablet, desktop, etc

White Labelled Solution for on demand service business

A white-labelled Gojek Clone will ensure that the brand name and logo of your business is visible all across the app

Interactive Admin Panel

An interactive admin panel will allow you as the owner of the Gojek Clone to monitor the overall functioning and operations of the app including the payments, commissions earned, profile of the user, profile of the service provider, etc, to name a few

Multiple Payment Options

Having multiple payment options like cash/card/wallet in your Gojek Clone will ensure easy and hassle-free payment for the users.

So, make sure to have these qualities inherent in your Gojek Clone to see your on demand service business touching new heights of success altogether.

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