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Kingx: Gojek Clone App Helps You to Build Own Business

Esiteworld is one E-Commerce Giant of the On-Demand Service Industry that has already Captured the Whole of Market! Gojek Clone Super App is enjoying an Absolute Monopoly in this Realm of Online Shopping! Unexpectedly, this Covid-19 Induced Pandemic has been the Biggest Driving Force to help Burgeon this Industry into a Multi-Billion US Dollar Entity!

82+ Services Offered by Esiteworld App Like Gojek

Taxi Rides, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Doorstep Delivery of Food, Groceries, Medicines, Stationeries, Flowers, Bottled Water and Medical Marijuana! Hire a Professional Personal Shopper who’d buy Anything from Any Store of Users’ Choice within the City and get it Delivered Speedily! Or Hire a Delivery Runner who’d Pick-Up anything from Location X and Drop-it Off at Location Y! It is here the Delivery Driver does not have to Pay Anything During the Pick Up!

With KINGX 2022, The Users can also get their Television Sets, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Sofas and even Carpets Repaired!

High-tech Features of Gojek Clone Kingx App


The User can NOW Request for an Instant Online Video Consultation Session with Doctors, Personal Academic Tutors, Yoga Instructors & Fitness Coaches, Lawyers, Psychiatrists and even Astrologers!

Money will get Automatically Deducted from the Users’ Pre-Saved Credit Card once the Online Video Session Ends. Because it is the ONLY Mode of Payment Accepted for this Feature!

However, one should bear in Mind that only Sector Specialists or these Adept Professionals have the Leverage to Initiate the Conversation. They can choose to Text Chat with the User First before Placing a Video Call.


The User can Post Task Details of the Service Requested on the Gojek Clone App! Thereafter, the User will get Bids in Real-Time from Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Home Cleaners, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Experts. The KINGX 2022 Empowers Customers to choose the Best Bid based on one’s Budget and Online Ratings of the Handyman!

  1. So, You’d like to know about the Procedure? 

The User has to First Fill Out a Form with Following Details regarding the Service Requested:-

  • Category of the Service Needed
  • Service Location/Residential Address
  • Budget
  • Specific Details of the Task Requested
  • Preferred Date and Time

And then, Click on the ‘POST’ Button! User gets an Instant In-App Notification that the Task Request has been Successfully Posted on the Multi-Service App like Gojek! Also, an Invitation is sent to all the Concerned Handymen of the Users’ Locality.

  1. Waiting, Waiting: Users’ Fate

The User will have to Wait for the Bids to come in! And this might take some Time! Only Interested Service Providers will Place an Offer! These are the Ones who feel that the Users’ Quoted Budget is too low for their Skill-Set, and hence they Demand more!

The Handyman can also choose to either Outrightly Accept the Task Request or Reject it!

  1. All the Bids are In!

The Users can see All the Bids under the Bidding Section of “My Bookings”! Finally, the User Places a Final Bid to three Different Handymen. This is where officially the Process of Service-Bidding Starts!

In Conclusion:

Esiteworld On Demand Apps are Selling like Hot-Cakes because it is Churning Out Billions of US Dollars in Profits for Smart Entrepreneurs like you! Then, without wasting even a Single Second, Contact a Legit Licensed White-Labeling Firm of Global Repute ASAP!

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