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Generate More Revenue With New Taxi Booking iWatch App Feature


Yes! Now, your user can book a taxi ride through iWatch too. It sounds surprising, but with the iWatch rider’s Uber clone app, the users can book a taxi ride just like they would on their smartphones. Do you know what’s the best part is? Well, the users can roam hands-free and still be able to track the booked taxi, get the driver’s details, call the driver, and so on.

In this blog, let’s talk about some of the major taxi booking iWatch app features that will attract more customers, hype your sales, and ultimately rake in multi-billion-dollar profits!


Easy installation

The iWatch app and iPhone rider apps are interconnected. For instance, if the user installs the rider’s app on their iPhone, it will be automatically installed in the internet-enabled and connected iWatch. Similarly, if the user installs the rider’s app directly into the watch from the iWatch App Store, the app will be automatically installed on the connected iPhone!

The various taxi options to choose from

Using the taxi booking app, users can choose a desirable taxi option. The taxi options available to the users are:

  • Basic
  • Normal
  • Luxurious

Thus, as per the requirements and affordability, the users can select a desirable option!

Desirable payment option

There are multiple payment options the user can choose from such as – Cash, Card, or Wallet. So, if the user chooses to pay via their in-app wallet, the total ride amount will be deducted from their wallet balance. If the user selects payment via card, the amount will automatically deduct from the card linked to the iPhone rider’s app. On the other hand, if it’s a cash payment, the user will have to hand over the cash amount to the taxi driver at the end of the trip! 

Driver details on the iWatch rider app

On the Uber clone iWatch rider app, the user can see all the details of the taxi driver who has accepted the request. The details that the user can see are:

  • Taxi driver’s name
  • Photo of the driver
  • Model of the car
  • Car number
  • Calling option

OTP for verification

Once the taxi driver marks themselves as ‘arrived’ at the user’s location for pick-up, the user can see that in the status that appears on the iWatch. The status says, “Driver has arrived at the location.” As soon as the driver marks them as ‘arrived’, the user will get the OTP on the iWatch screen along with the calling option. The user has to provide this OTP to the driver as only then can the taxi driver be able to start the ride.

Rate and review using the app itself

Once the Uber clone app driver marks “Trip ended”, the iWatch rider’s app screen will flash the same status. After the driver collects the trip payment, the user will get the rating and review option on the iWatch screen itself! The user can star-rate the taxi driver and submit the feedback then and there!

Well, these are a few good features of the iWatch rider’s app. Aren’t they attractive and convenient at the same time? If you provide such an advanced user experience, more and more users will come looking for your unique app like Uber. Therefore, you will earn more commission on every ride that gets rendered through the app. In short, your profits will soar no matter what!


Now is the right time to get the Uber clone app because people are looking for solutions that make their lives easy! Launch the best app in just 7 – 10 days! Take the chance to boost your taxi business and make millions in profits. 

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