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Unleash the Potential for Humongous Revenue with Gojek Clone App

Generating revenue with a Gojek clone app is as simple as making a pie. Is it true? Well, for one who knows the inside out of the app, I’m pretty sure that you can become rich with this app. You won’t even notice when you get richer and happier just by launching a simple app. However, some of you may ask what is this on-demand multi-service platform? Well, if you have no idea about what this mind-boggling app is then read through. 


It is a super app that offers 82+ on-demand services on the platter. All these services belong to different backgrounds. Mentioned below are the 7 major service components your customers can enjoy by installing this app on their smartphones. 

  • Uber-like online taxi booking services including rentals and carpooling
  • Booking a beautician, tow truck, car washer, mechanic, babysitter, dog walker, etc. 
  • Deliver anything from X to Y location to nearby places by hiring a parcel delivery service. 
  • Order stuff like food, groceries, medicines, flowers, bottled water, etc. online and get everything delivered to the doorstep. 
  • You can also hire a personal shopper and an errand runner on this multi-services app. 
  • Online video consultation services will enable your customers to consult with doctors, lawyers, astrologers, and many others. 
  • Service bidding will allow your customers to negotiate service charges with the handyman in real-time. 


This popular money-making multi-service app lets the entrepreneur earn revenue in the form of commissions. This certain percentage of the provider’s income is earned on every single service rendered through the app. Since your app offers 82+ services, can you guess the amount that you’d earn from each of the services! 

On the other hand, there are membership subscription plans. The entrepreneur who has integrated the subscription-based business model gets to earn money from plan fees paid by the service providers. Based on the time validity and the offered plan features, the entrepreneur can set a market-relevant price for them. 

Are there other ways the entrepreneur could use to make more money? 

If you have already heard how in-app advertisements work, that is another way the Gojek clone app makes more profits! Here, the app owner integrates third-party Facebook or Google Ads. These ads are usually placed on the multi-services app’s home screen. For every click that these third-party get the app owner gets an amount. This amount usually depends on the third-party advertiser’s budget and how Facebook/Google has charged them. This is also known as the ‘pay per click’ system. 

Besides all the above methods, there are two other ways the app owner can monetize.

  • Surcharges: surcharges are added to the basic taxi fare when a customer requests a taxi ride during rush hours. This is the extra amount that the customer has to pay because of high taxi ride requests and a limited number of vehicles. 
  • Service cancellation charges: service cancellation charges are levied when the customer cancels the service just before the delivery time. For example, a user has booked a haircut service at home. Now, because of certain plan changes, they had to cancel the service 30 minutes before the booking time. In this case, cancellation charges are applied on the all-in-one super app. 


Despite thinking about the investment you’d have to make, think about how all your dreams would come true! From buying your favorite sports bike to a shiny white Rolls Royce, and a mansion by the lakeside, you can get it all. 

All you need to do is launch a super app like Gojek clone! What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best clone app script today!

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