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Most Important Features in an app like Just Eat

If you are just as fond of money as we are, you have definitely thought about dabbling in the food delivery industry after seeing the tremendous success that every on demand food delivery portal like Just Eats has met. However, conceiving a business idea is a very different thing from actually going forward and executing it. There are many things that help a business stand on its two legs and with the right mix of powerful features, the app like just eat with you wish to introduce your business in the market will definitely be a success. In this blog post, we will expound on the multiple facets of the On Demand Food Delivery platforms and the various features that make it a powerful business venture. 

What Is On Demand Food Delivery?

While the words On Demand have garnered a lot of popularity in the recent past. However, many people are still not clear about the concept of on demand food delivery. Basically, On Demand is a phenomenon where the customer is empowered with the choice of getting services or products. They do not have to pre plan or pre order anything. Whenever the ‘demand’ arises, the services are delivered to the user. 

With the help of modern technology and smart phones, it is now possible for people to place orders. Food delivery is one of the flag bearers of such apps. 

Simply tap a few buttons on their smart phones and get their favorite meals delivered to their doorstep. It is quick and easy for the users. There is no pre decision involved and definitely very profitable for the service providers.

Components within a successful Food Delivery app like Just Eat

There are 4 basic components within the food delivery platform. Let us identify and explore them.

The User

This is the component that is directly the consumer of the app. Your App like Just Eat should aim at providing the ease of access and flexibility to the users to be able to place orders for food across different restaurants using a single application. 

The Chief features important for this component include:

  • Easy Download and log in: This is one of the most important features that are responsible for the success of an app. To be able to find your app on the app store and then download it easily is the first step to ensure that most people download it. The next most important thing is the ability to log into the app seamlessly. This means that you won’t force your users to fill out lengthy forms in order to be able to log into the application. They can use their Gmail or Facebook credentials to do the same. However, in case that is not what the users see fit, they should have the option of filling out a small form in order to log in to the app successfully. 
  • Filter Options: The biggest advantage of having an on demand app is the fact that one has access to multiple restaurants offering different cuisines on the same platform. With the help of filter options, you can empower your users to select what they are craving for, easily, regardless of whether it is filtering by cuisine, the dining style, the restaurants, and so on and so forth. 

The Service Provider

The service Providers are essentially the nervous system of the application.

The Chief features important for this component include:

  • Automated Billing: It becomes infinitely easier for the service providers if the system automatically generates invoices and bills and doesn’t have to rely on the service provider to hand physical bills to the users. 
  • Navigation: The GPS facility in an on demand food delivery app enables the Delivery Driver to easily locate the restaurant as well as the customer’s physical location. 
  • Rating: Giving the delivery driver the ability to rate their customers based on their experience is important for the system to run smoothly.
  • The autonomy of choice: The delivery driver have the ability to choose to make a delivery or not. They may accept or reject a delivery request as per their discretion. 

The Restaurant

Obviously, the restaurant is a tremendously important component of the app. They are the sellers here therefore; be attentive while assembling their features as well. 

The Chief features important for this component include:

  • Importing Menu Items: The restaurants should be able to import excel sheets of menu items.
  • The autonomy of Choice: The Restaurants should be able to accept/ reject orders, stay offline/online based on their working hours. 

The Admin

Finally, the last component to the app is the app owner. The app owner is the individual who owns the business.

The Chief features important for this component include:

  • Customization: The admin should be able to control and customize various aspects of the app. This includes the commission percentage that they want to make per delivery and order, the radius of action, geo-fencing etc. 
  • Reports: The admin get reports on the functioning of the business. This includes numbers of orders generated, areas that are placing more orders over others, etc. 


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