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How to Make Your Own Food Delivery Service App

The food delivery business has been around since the time the prepared food was offered in a commercial way. If someone could prepare it, someone could deliver it. Convenience is the main thing for people today. If they need something, they are willing to pay extra also, just for the convenience. From phone call orders, things have moved on to app-based orders. Today is the day and age of millennials. Today’s people are moving their penchant from conventional dine out to mobile on demand food delivery service app like- McDonald and Pizza Hut. The extensive assortments of restaurants, unlimited gastronomy and the option to pay with a swipe on your mobile apps have just made it extremely easy for the Customer today.

The digital platform has changed in a huge way in the recent past. Things that used to be in a particular order have now changed in a completely different way. Mobile applications are the latest addition to the horizon of food delivery. This means that online food ordering doesn’t require anyone to pick up the phone and make a call and wait for someone to respond on the other end.

On demand delivery apps like Postmates and UberEats have by now started the wave of expediency driven deliveries through apps. This makes it extremely convenient for the people to ascertain that their delivery is going to reach them on time and they can track it. The previous model of food delivery left a black hole in the minds of the users so as to where exactly the driver was. Sometimes, drivers would just lie and delay the order. The food would reach you absolutely cold. With these apps, you can ensure that you can track them continuously. Checking their real position on the map.

How does the Food Delivery Model work?

Food delivery may seem like a simple affair but it is actually a very complicated thing to achieve. How do you know which parcel is for who? Who is responsible for the delivery? What if the restaurant doesn’t have enough staff to deliver the food?

To understand this we break down the concept of food delivery in two basic models. There are two different ways in which the Food Delivery model can work and operate.

The Aggregator Model

This is essentially the most basic food delivery system. This company is essentially a third party. So, a customer places an order and the restaurant prepares the order. The third party gives them access. They give them a platform to access the restaurant, see the menu, place an order and then track its delivery. In this system, this third party is a mere facilitator. It is not responsible for getting the deliveries done. The restaurant itself manages that.

Platform plus logistic

This model takes sit a step further. So, not only will a third party be able to give the restaurants a platform to make their menus available along with other important features such as reviews and ratings, but they will also ensure that they can make the deliveries happen.

This means that the people who will now be making the deliveries will not be restaurant employees but people who are employed by the third party. So, after the order is placed and the food is prepared, this third party will collect it and drop it at the desired address.

Why have applications?

One of the most common questions asked is why should people go for an application rather than simply call a restaurant and place their order The very obvious answer is that an app will expose you to a whole plethora of different restaurants.

A user can search using different filters to find something that suits them best. They can search through cuisines, locality, delivery time, reviews and ratings and so on and so forth. What’s more, people can also track the location of the food. No longer waiting in the unknown or calling the restaurant time and again to find out where their ordered item is.

Not only is it convenient for the Users, but it is also a very easy way for restaurants to get more business. They get more exposure by being available online for their customers at all times. It’s also more convenient if the client doesn’t have to call them to nag them about where the food is. The app makes it transparent and easy for the restaurants as well in all ways.

Making a profitable food delivery service app

If you want to start your own food delivery service app such as SWIGGY script or UBEREATS, then it is of utmost importance that you first decide what kind of a model you want to choose for your business. There are quite a few companies that develop apps and can help you with that. However, when you make the decision of buying the app, you will have to also do a fair bit of research.

The best thing to do is find out which is your personal favorite food delivery app. once you know that study each and every feature of it one by one and independently. The app is a holistic thing. It has to serve the User, the service provider and end up making money for you as well. So, ensure that the following things are in order:

GPS navigation and Tracking:

This feature will allow the users to track where their order has reached. And the driver to track where their pick up and drop location is.

Rating and Review Option:

This feature will help the Users to rate and review the restaurants on the app so that others can see the rating and make informed choices about their orders.

Promo and Rewards:

your app should definitely have the avenue of enabling restaurants to offer rewards through promo codes.

On the whole, make sure that the food delivery service app helps your customers to get the food that they want when they want it. Also, ascertain that it is the right one for the area that you want to launch it in. If you do everything right, there is no way you will not be successful.

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