Designing an App like Gojek

Gojek. The app has become synonymous with success. The Gojek application is a very large and complicated application. It covers just about every kind of service that is required by an individual. However, how did this Gojek like app come to be so popular? Is it only because it caters to all the user’s requirements or do design and UI have a big part to play? We live in a digital era right now. Everything that we are surrounded by has a digital identity, a digital connotation. In saying this, it directly means that humans as a race have become directly dependent on various forms of technology for our every need. 

When we prepare a single app to tap into the digital prowess of all these applications and consolidate them into a single app, the ability to generate profit goes up in a big way. The logic is simple. The more the services, the higher is your chance to earn money.

Gojek like app

Having a single app for all kinds of services is extremely beneficial for all the parties involved in the Gojek like App:

The Service Provider

This becomes an excellent platform for service providers to find jobs instantly. They don’t have to be actively seeking jobs here and there. The app does a proximity calculation and finds the best possible job offers for them.

This works in the best way for them because it helps them quickly find jobs at predefined costs. No more hassles in looking out for customers. It is also a great way for small time contractors and independent service providers to have a digital identity because they would find running an independent app very expensive.

The User

This is like a gold mine for the users. Imagine the comfort and ease with which a user can look for service providers in the market. They simply have to select the service they are interested in and mention the address where they want these services delivered.

If they want a taxi they can mention the pickup and drop locations and watch their cab reach them on the map. These apps enable the user to also select their service provider based on their rating and price. This way it is easy for the user to know exactly what to expect.

The application owner

This is probably the best position to be in. Not only do you own a wonderful app, but you also keep earning money. Since this one app has a host of different services included within itself, every time someone uses the app for any kind of service available you stand to make money. You are also responsible for bringing an organized system of work to these people. This is why it is evident that your business definitely succeeds.

Design elements

Designing of an application is a very important step towards making it popular o unpopular among the people. See, there may be other apps in the market that help people hire service providers and people may have developed loyalties toward such apps, however, if the design and User Interface of your app is good, there is no way that people would choose anyone else’s app over yours.

So, ensure that the design of your Gojek like app is so smooth and beautiful that it comes across as an easy to use the software. The basic role of a mobile application is to make the life of the users easy. If your app unnecessarily complicates things, it won’t be a nice thing for anyone. Don’t be tempted with unwanted beautification. There’s nothing that screams professionalism like a minimal website and application.

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