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Propel Your Taxi Business to Success with the Gen-Next Taxi App Solution for Dubai, Careem App Clone

The taxi business is probably the most lucrative as well as a profitable business. It involves riding passengers from one place to another based on their choice.
As per the recent research conducted by Mordor Intelligence, the global taxi market is expected to grow at a skyrocketing pace. This can be seen especially between the years 2018 to 2023 because of increased demands for ride sharing as well as online taxi booking applications.
Today, there are several applications all over the world that cater to the ride demands of travelers all over the world. One of them is the Careem application.  


The app functions in 15 countries and over 90+ cities including UAE, Qatar, KSA, etc, to name a few. The aim of this application is to simplify the lives of the users through the rides that they offer them.

It becomes important thus to understand the basic functioning of this app

Login and Registration

The user first can register or login to the application filling in their basic contact details that includes their full name, e-mail and mobile number along with the mode of payment which includes cash or card- debit/credit or Careem credit or login using their social media details which includes Facebook.

The user next logs into the application and chooses the ride of their choice along with mentioning their pickup and drop location which gets automatically sent to the drivers in the nearest vicinity.

The driver can accept or deny the trip based on their choice. As soon as the driver accepts though, the rider gets notified of the same. After this, they can track the location of the captain (driver) along with getting information about them.

On arrival of the captain, the rider gets notified and he boards the trip and the ride begins. On completion, the rider gets notified of the payment and if already paid, money gets deducted automatically from the card. Finally, the user and captain get transferred to the rating and review page where either of the two can rate and review each other based on their choice.

Sounds amazing right? The rider can also see the ride in real time, schedule the ride for a later time. And of course they can tip the captain without leaving the app. Thus, it goes without saying that an application of this kind has made the lives of travelers simpler and easier. They no longer have to keep hailing at cabs and feel distressed. At a simple tap on their device, they can get a ride near their doorstep.

Thus as an entrepreneur, having your own Careem app clone is the perfect solution. It can take your taxi hailing business to a great height.

Essential attributes inbuilt in your careem clone app

  • Make sure to keep the Careem App Clone 100% responsive in order to ensure that your users can take the privilege of this app. They can get it done through a wide array of platforms like Android, iPhone, laptop, etc.
  • Have a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or Call Over Internet a attribute. It is essential to protect the privacy of your users and not display their private number to the captain
  • Maintain a texting option quality to ensure that if your user is in the middle of a call. Also, make sure that he has booked the ride and missed the call of the captain, they can remain connected through the medium of text messages
  • Having a book ride for someone else is a great feature. This feature helps the users to book a cab for someone else by entering their information. It also would help you as a business to get more customers.

Thus, it goes without saying that as an entrepreneur who wants to build their own taxi business in Dubai, having the perfect taxi app solution in Dubai, i.e., the Careem app clone would do amazing wonders for you as an entrepreneur as well as your taxi business.

So, take the highest leap as an entrepreneur and give your customers the gen-next taxi app solution in Dubai with the Careem App Clone.

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