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The rising demand for caregivers and babysitters has lead to the development of the Clone App. is a babysitting and caregiver app that has won the hearts of millions of parents. Observing the demand on the rise especially when most of the parents are working from home, they need an extra pair of hands to take care of their little ones as well as elderly people. Thus, the startups and the established entrepreneurs who are already into traditional caregiving services are now taking their business online. Clone App helps parents in need of babysitting services or caregivers at affordable cost.

Building A Reliable Clone App Clone App is a complete ready-to-use application build on open-source codes. Available on Android and IOS platforms, this app allows the parents to find reliable babysitters as well as caregivers in few swaps from their smartphones.

The Clone App is packed with advanced features like

Easy signup process – The users can quickly sign in with their social media account as well as phone number or email id. This makes the registration process quick and done within few steps.

Babysitters/ Caregivers booking – Once you have registered, the app showcases the list of caregivers and babysitters available in your location. 

Advanced search filter

The advance search filter will allow the user to look for the babysitting services/caregiver services based on their work history, ratings and feedback, hourly quote, and qualification.

Confirm the booking

The app enables the user to confirm the booking that comes with said location, number of days/hours, and the timings. The checkout process involves making an online payment or pay Cash.

Live to track

The user can track their caregivers once they confirm and start the journey towards the said location they can track the candidate knowing their estimated time to arrive.

Feedback and ratings

The app asks for feedback ratings to enhance the app’s performance. Also, if there is an improvement needed in the babysitting service that too can be 

Why This Makes The Right Time To Launch Clone App? Clone App offers daycare, babysitting services as well as caregiver professionals that helps in creating a comfortable atmosphere for the families. 

Post-Covid schools and daycare centers are closed. With no signs of re-opening, the question is where to put kids. Sending them to your neighbors or calling a family member to look after them can be feasible for a day or so. We are talking long-term.  Thus, this makes the right time to build an app like 

This on-demand caregiving app helps to find a reliable professional caregiver that is great with their jobs. The Clone App is easy to signup enabling the request for the caregiver in less than an hour. 

Thus, making it the right time to launch Clone App. 

In Conclusion

Busy working professionals love convenience especially when they can avail themselves from the comforts of their home. As a matter of fact, working parents won’t mind paying extra if they are getting the kind of bits of help with the kids and older people on time. Thus when it comes to hiring a babysitter or a caregiver Clone App can be the perfect solution to bridge the gap.

Startups having their app can integrate a wide range of services like after-school services, tutoring, help for the kid’s homework, look after teen kids, and so on. This can help in boosting greater revenues amidst the Pandemic.

No matter which OS platform you choose to build the app, approach an app development company that has similar work experience and has successfully launched the on-demand babysitting app. The app development team will provide you with the demo, making you understand the app’s functionality and performance. Only buy on-demand ready-made white-label Clone App which enables you to customize according to suiting your users’ expectations.

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