Why are people choosing Cabify over Uber?

As you know that Uber was first in the market that came with taxi services which were based on an app. But after Uber, many other taxi services providing company came in the market. Some of them are still doing great, however; many of them are now no more. Few lacks in business planning and few in their business models and that is why their business does not expand. Though, Uber is still rocking with its services all around the world. It has expanded itself in all most every country in the world. Of course! Uber is known for its quality services but now it is not the only one in the market, there are many competitors of Uber. In those many competitors, the first name that rises up is the Spanish based taxi firm i.e., Cabify.

Cabify was launched in 2011 and soon the business went viral in multiple countries. Right now, Cabify is controlling the taxi market in 11 major countries. Not only has the business grown, but according to the studies, the revenue generation of Cabify has also increased in comparison with the last couple of years.

It all about Cabify’s business model that makes it popular all around the world. Somewhere, it is the only reason that Cabify is getting successful wherever it steps in.

Let’s see some of the Cabify’s unique features that make it a strong opponent of the uber.

Trip Preference

There are many popular on demand taxi booking app all around the world like Uber, Lyft, Careem, GrabTaxi and many more. These on demand taxi booking app just simply allow the riders to select their dropping point, select their ride and pay for it. It was simple right!

But, have you ever seen any on demand taxi service providing app that offers trip preferences to their riders? Yes! You got it right. Cabify offers amazing options for its rider to choose their journey preferences. Cabify believes in providing a luxury ride experience to their customers on every trip. Customers can choose whether they want music, AC, Door opening and driver phone call. Well, these preferences will actually make their customers experience a luxury ride.

Attractive User Interface

Nowadays, every taxi apps  designed according to the user experience. Most of the apps are overly focused on their designs that becomes so much complex to use. Many users are not able to use as well as book a ride for themselves. It becomes very difficult for a senior citizen to book a ride even for commuting for shorts routes.

But, Cabify is one of the most eye-catching taxi service app that has intuitive designs. People do not face any problems in booking their rides. Cabify is a great example for the other taxi booking apps whose designs are very complicated for the users.

Suggested Riding Locations

Well, to be very honest, nobody likes to type a lot while in a hurry or doing some important work. In many taxi booking apps, riders have to type their whole destination name on the dropping point tab. Now, this is very much annoying as every time you will be booking a ride, you will be typing the whole name of your destination place. Seriously!

Thanks to Cabify that they took this riders problem seriously and added a location suggesting feature in their taxi booking app. This feature makes Cabify’s app very much user-friendly.

Taxi business with app like cabify

A taxi business is one the most money making as well as the most trending business in the market. But your business can get wings if you purchase app like Cabify from a reputed app providing company.

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