Connecting Jeddah with the Airport: Umrah Cab app clone

Umrah Cab app clone

These are the best time when efficiency, speed and time define our existence to a new level degree. They rule every aspect of our personal, professional, social and modern lives. These are also the time when we require partners, resources and delightful tools to achieve the tough balance between performing things quickly and right-something where … Read more

Enjoy the upmarket rides with BDCABS app clone

Auto-rickshaw booking app Bangladesh

BDCABS clone app is an auto-rickshaw booking app that links up the users with the licensed commercial auto-rickshaw or taxi nearby their area. This app aims to offer fair pricing criteria based fair for its users, transparent policies for the drivers and also act as awesome customer support for both, the drivers and the riders. … Read more

Enjoy the uncountable services with Gojek app clone

Gojek Clone App

With the changing technology and modernization, you need no longer to take the trips of different shops to get your favorite things. The advancement in the world of internet has eased out the things for the shoppers at every level. Online stores, on-demand taxi services, restaurants, product providers and other services have made it all … Read more

Take a long jump in your business with Gojek clone source code

gojek app clone

Gojek is an Indonesian start-up which was found in 2010 for providing different services to their customers without any complications. Some services of Gojek clone source code include on-demand taxi services, on-demand delivery, on-demand food delivery, logistics, etc. Gojek basically started off with motorcycle taxi services which mainly aims to navigate Indonesian transportation services in … Read more

Going outside the fixed route with on-demand ride-hailing

tapride clone

TapRide clone app provides the convenience of a taxi app but that too without the involvement of high rates. The service of this app is cheaper if we compare it with other taxi services. The effectiveness comes from picking up the user at a time and the non-compulsory configuration to serve the passengers only at … Read more

Your beauty, our profession

Glamsquad app clone

Glamsquad app is an on-demand beauty app which offers a professional team for makeup, hair and nails also one can use this app anywhere and anytime without any complications. This app provides highly-experienced professionals to their users with the few simple taps on their phone. This service is currently available in Southern Florida, Jersey City, … Read more

The most advanced app of the 21st century: Gojek clone app

gojek app clone

The perfect time has come when people can avail almost all the services with a few simple touches on their smartphones. Mobile phones have turned into the most powerful device or they have become a one-stop solution for every service that you want to get. Gojek app clone is the most powerful app in today’s … Read more

Have a safe and speedy ride with Taxi Ride Hailing Nigeria

alpha1rides clone

Taxi services mainly function to serve people. From many years, the legendary Alpha1Rides cabs have been serving people to make them travel from one place to another without any hassle and with full safety. There are mainly three ways to hire a taxi. Let’s have a look One can directly hire a taxi right from … Read more