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Rides of next level: taxi app Australia

With the launch of the new taxi applications, almost all the taxi company claims to provide the best service to their customers. The different taxi companies aim to provide best to provide the maximum satisfaction level to their customers. They also help them to make their business grow in a short period of time. One such app is 13cabs clone app which is affordable and safe for its users. 13cabs clone provides amazing services to its customers. It helps them to cover their distance from one place to another without getting late.

Whether you want to go for a business meeting or you want to go to a party, you can just book a taxi with 13cabs clone app. Reach your destination without any hassle. 13cabs clone app offers with different vehicles for different purposes. If you are all alone then you can cover your distance with a simple mini car. If you need to go with your family, you can request for an SUV vehicle and reach your destination safely.

13cabs clone

The workflow of 13cabs clone app

  • To use the service of 13cabs clone app customers have to initially register themselves on the app by providing their email address, phone number or any social media platform.
  • After registering on the app, customer or the user of the app can make a request for their ride by entering their pickup and drop off location
  • The request directly goes to the nearby drivers available in the area. It’s up to the drivers whether they want to accept or reject the request.
  • Once the request is accepted by the driver, the user receives a quick notification on their phone that the driver is on his way.
  • Customers can track their booked vehicle with real-time tracking. This shows how much time will the driver take to pick them up.
  • Within a few minutes, the driver reaches the customer’s pickup location using the navigation.
  • After the completion of the trip, the user can pay the bill amount in cash, using their debit card or credit card or by wallet which is integrated into the app. It is very simple and secure to recharge the wallet using the credit card.
  • Once the payment part is over, riders and the drivers both can review. They can also provide feedback to each other depending on their experience with each other.

The drivers hired by 13cabs clone app are pure professionals and are from a clean, fresh and peaceful background. They don’t have any criminal backgrounds. They are checked up on the basis of their criminal backgrounds and drug tests before they are hired.

If you want to start your own taxi business which can easily help you to gain your Rate of Interest and hits the market easily then you can go with 13cabs app clone which is affordable, credible and trustable in the market.

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