What All does the Gojek Clone App Comprise of?

The Gojek clone application has been quite sensational in the last few months. As more and more people understand the importance of a single app that will help you to handle multiple services all at once, the demand for an app has increased exponentially. Before we get into the details of how this app can help individuals become rich and earn a lot of money, let us take a look at all the things that comprise to buy gojek clone.

What is Gojek?

Gojek is an all in one kind of a mobile application that helps people book rides, delivery services or any other kind of service such as massage therapists, physiotherapists, doctors etc. on demand. The app was originally launched in Indonesia and slowly spread to other countries. Gojek was principally begun with the idea of turning the unorganized bike taxi market into an app-based service.

What does the Gojek Clone Application offer you?

Just like the Gojek app, the Gojek clone application is aimed at helping its users get the solution to all their requirements through a single application. This prevents app clutter on the user’s phone and also makes it extremely simple for users to enjoy the convenience of on demand services.

General Details

The basic step to using this app is to first download it from the Google play store or the iTunes store on to their devices. After that, one has to register into the app and prepare an account. In order to do so, the users can either choose to sign up using social media logins or they can create a new account.

When they use their social media logins such as Facebook, Twitter or Gmail, they don’t have to create a unique password for the app. If they choose to do a new sign up by creating a new account will have to put in a new username and password and put in relevant information like their mobile numbers etc.

After the User has done this, they are free to use the app to explore services offered within.

The Ride Option

This is the option that enables users to book taxis. This is the most commonly used aspect of the application. The ride option is further bifurcated into many parts. The general taxi option will allow the user to book a car taxi. In this option, the user will find different kinds of cars such as the economy, basic, luxury or large.

The other option that the Ride feature gives the user is the option to book motorbike taxis. This means that the user can hire any 2 wheelers as their taxi ride for the occasion. They too will have options such as a scooter, bike, superbikes, sports bikes etc.

The last option that the user gets is the Rental option. This will allow the user to either book a car or bike for a fixed duration and a fixed distance at a pre-decided rate. These are convenient when the user needs a vehicle for extended periods of time.

The Delivery Option

This is the option that allows Users to get their parcels from one place to another. This feature too gives options such as:

  • Box Delivery: for large parcels
  • Send Delivery: for small parcels such as envelopes
  • Multi Delivery: when there are multiple parcels to send using the same vehicle.

The Multiple Services Option

This is the option that will allow users to hire professionals from 52 different kinds of services. This means that the user can simply get into the app and choose any of the service listed there such as On demand Massage therapist, On demand Physiotherapist, On demand Beautician, On demand Electrician etc.

Buy Gojek clone

There are over 52 services available within this app. This is what makes it the perfect solution for any and every kind of users. If you are planning to buy gojek clone application, you can rest assured that it will generate a lot of income. You will be earning every single time anyone uses your app to hire any service.

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