Capture The Market Opportunity Launching Urgently Clone Roadside Assistance Provider App

It’s better to explain through a story…so here it goes…

Tom has his towing truck business. Families who owned more than one vehicle were always asking for his assistance whenever their vehicles broke. Tom’s towing service crew will assist them by taking their cars to the nearest garage or some time to their home. 

Tom’s roadside assistance and towing business were a conventional one. Following age-old practices. He will take up the towing service requests over the phone or through email. With time his competitors developed roadside assistance provider app that gave them more business exposure in terms of monetary and brand visibility. Tom did offer promotional deals and low priced subscription but it didn’t work. Soon his business downsized because now the majority of his customers were using the On-Demand Towing Service App.

Don’t’ Be A Tom!!

Urgently Clone

Reasons To Develop Urgently Clone Roadside Assistance App

  • The competition is getting stiff and you don’t want to miss the train. Get onboard and ahead of it by developing a roadside assistance provider app.
  • You get to increase more bookings, as your app acts like a virtual store 24/7/365 days, by adding the bookings 
  • You can provide immediate roadside assistance to your customers
  • It is a readymade clone script on which you can have all the “Bells and Whistles” done suiting your business
  • The Urgently Clone App is designed with stellar features and an amazing user interface that you can make changes yourself.
  • Having integrated with multi-language support will permit you to run your business in different locations as well.
  • Available on both Android IOS and web interface, the app is cloud supported. 
  • Comes built-in with in-app chat support that allows your users to connect seamlessly for any issue with the customer support

Vital Features To Integrate Into Roadside Assitance Provider App 

Registration via social media 

Your users can quickly log in using their social media account, or phone  numbers, or email ids

Browse towing services 

Your users get to explore the listed towing services to find the suitable one they need

Book the services

The user with few taps can immediately book for their towing services. Also, they can schedule it on a later preferred date.

Real-time Tracking

Customers once book their towing services can track their towing service provider on a real-time basis. 

Share locations

The user can hassle-free share their location through this feature. This helps the service provider to reach without hassles.


Getting a rating service can help evaluate the towing services as well as overall app performance. The app 

Advanced Features To Boost Your Urgently Clone App Performance

Referrals / Loyalty programs

Offering rewarding points to the users that allowing them to invite their family, colleagues and friends to use the app. It is one of the most effective ways to increase the reach. 

Multi-currency support

Urgently Clone Roadside Assistance Provider App comes integrated with the multi-currency payment choices that allow the user to pay with ease.

Multi-language support

It let the user use the app in their native language, providing convenient ways to place orders further increases the popularism of your app.

Various Ways To Generate Revenue From Urgently Clone App

Subscription fee

Charge a small amount of subscription fee from your users, as a sigup amount for availing roadside assistance provider services.

Banner ads

You can make the best use of the app by encouraging 3rd party banners. Promoting outsider’s services or service providers by putting banners can be highly beneficial in generating extra income.


Charging a small percentage as a commission upon any towing booking confirmed through the app

Cancellation charges

The user has to pay a nominal fee as cancellation charges, in case they happen to cancel the towing request

Waiting charges

You can charge a basic fee as a waiting charge when the service provider has to wait for the users.

 Wrapping Up

Launching your Roadside Assistance Provider App in your location will require exhaustive research and planning.  On the contrary, look for a professional mobile app development company that has years of experience in developing in launching On-Demand apps. 

Discuss your concept with the app development team and take suggestions from them on features and user interface. Take a live demo to gauge the working pattern of the Urgently Clone App. Since you are buying a white-label readymade script, it makes it easy for you to make future changes if required in terms of logo, brand, and features. Also, the clone app script is built on scalable technology thus enabling any future enhancements. 

Once your Urgently Clone App is established you can further start a similar business-like Uber for towing On-Demand App. Connecting with a leading app development company will surely be able to scale up your online towing business.

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