Understanding Application Development For Facebook

When it comes to Facebook app developers, they all consider themselves to be the master of their game. However, we, the ‘general user force’, have understood that only 1 out of 100’s of apps are actually usable and interesting.

So what is this big problem with developers? I mean even after so many years of the existence of any reputable Facebook application company, why are developers still circling around creating silly apps that entertain or appeal to absolutely no one but themselves?

Well, the answers pretty clear. The number of Facebook app developers that have grown in the recent past is phenomenal. I mean once you see that you can make steady money somewhere, why would you not go for it, right?



A Facebook application development company has a much bigger task than simply minting money. It is tasked with making apps that are so engaging that more and more people turn towards Facebook and not away from it.

There was a time maybe five years back when Facebook was at the heights of expansion, but now that it has claimed so many places for itself in terms of followers and popularity what comes next? The next most important thing is to ensure that people spend optimum amount of time on the website itself.

Now, not everyone’s life is so exciting that they want to keep putting status updates every now and then or unless you are a stalker, you wouldn’t be interested in reading other people’s status’s so often. Then how is it that you ensure maximum time spent on Facebook? You create apps that are engaging and very attractive. This could be a game or anything else but it has to definitely be very creative.


Any Facebook Application Development Company with some amount of experience and reputation can tell you that app development is a very critical as well as creative field. There is no way you can handle it on a whim or just because you think it can get you a lot of moolah!

Seriously, if you want to be successful with your application then make sure that your app is original. I mean, if you repeat someone else’s app with minor changes (or enhancements as you’d like to call them), why would they go for yours instead of going for the tried and tested one?

Understanding usage

Before you get your hands into the whole app development fest, make sure that you understand what the app is all about and what is your exact nature of requirement and expectation from it. That will help you decide a role for the app which you can justify in by creating it such that the users can understand and appreciate its usage. Facebook is used by a lot of people for a host of different reasons. First classify your specific target audience and understand their usage pattern of Facebook. Once you know that, sit down with your creative team and your developers to identify what kind of an application will appeal to this crowd.

Also, make sure that whatever you do, you put in a lot of efforts in marketing your app. See, nothing becomes viral by itself. Put in the requisite amount of efforts and recognize the fact that apps and their promotion is a continuous process. So, keep on working!