Understand The Basics of Developing Apps using Facebook

Facebook, at the very beginning found it difficult to gain grounds as a newbie in social networking zone, standing still against ‘Orkut’. Orkut was gaining good business, but then Facebook, managed to create a revolution and desired buzz to grab the crowd.

A new leader emerges

Facebook as a social networking service was established on 4-February 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg founded this networking site with his roommates called Eduardo Saverin, Chris Huges, Andrew McCollum and Dustin Moskovitz. This social networking project was such a success that the management team also issued their shares as NASDAQ:FB which can be traded. Facebook has earned good amount of revenue and many other application developers are still struggling to get similar applications with unique idea like Facebook which can change the game.

Facebook Application Development

Getting to apps development

Well, let’s not get into that, as we are moving off the subject of ‘Facebook Apps development’. Facebook Apps Development is not a new thing; many are getting into this zone to create an app that will stand out and create a fad like some of the apps already on Facebook.

If you have good background and knowledge of code, ‘Facebook App Development’ is not a difficult task. Languages like JQuery, HTML and PHP run into help give solutions. HTML is an essential language as it is based on object functions. To make use of this object functional code, JQuery can easily executed using JQuery Library. JQuery is not a difficult to start with if you have a slight knowledge of JavaScrip.

Understand how to go about developing the apps

Exploring JQuery library will help you out about how to deal with the library functions of JQuery. Two most prime things are: use for live filter search and then the page tab for user to have smooth sailing experience, through this transition from one-page to other is very easy. Then you need to call JavaScript at the very beginning of the application coding. The code ‘myjava.js,’ will help you to create the app, the way you need. Once DOM is ready, then JQuery can be manipulated to create the things. DOM is an essential element in creating app on Facebook.

Once you have written needful code for developing app, then we remove ‘active class’ from the code part of class and then hide rest of other content. The next item that is very much essential is ‘Filter Search’. This is essential as it allows filtering the result and making use in real time. By taking the values which are live, and filtering it, that will match the post as div S. Once this is done the essential part of coding on Facebook App development is done and then PHP comes into picture.

PHP brings static file to life, and pull out the data from Facebook. The index.html is known to be main file on which maximum changes are carried out. With this setting of Facebook app Canvas page is also essential. This page allows you to set or create your own customize app the way you need. After creating you can easily host this.

My intention of writing this blog was just to make a newbie understand how to begin with app development using Facebook. Hope this information proves useful.