Uber Mobile App Clone – Driver, Rider, Admin Flow

The Uber mobile clone App is a useful application that provides an on-demand cab service just like the original. The applications have been designed with technology that helps in connecting people who want to use on-demand cab services. It is ready to use a script that can be customized by companies or individuals according to their specifications.

Cab services have been getting quite popular these days in both urban and semi-urban cities and enable a commuter to travel from one place to another without making much effort. The Uber Mobile clone App helps in providing the best services as offered by any other online site. Irrespective of what type of car services, vehicle hiring and applications you would want to develop, one can easily use the concept of mobile app cloning.

uber mobile app clone

How does Uber mobile clone App work?

All the rights and powers are given to the administrator as he has complete control over the application developed. The admin decides what type of settings, requests, duration, category; payment modes are required when the app is developed. Once the application is developed, a key admin user is created who has the complete right over modifications and customization possible in the app.

The mobile app clone works by giving complete rights to the admin user to make changes both statically and dynamically. By using the platform, the admin user earns the money, depending on the percentage commission that he has set. The price of the commission is dynamic and changes with different conditions. The administrator feels like there is very less ride request placed by the customers, then he or she can increase the price of the commission. If else, the ride requests are many then the price of the commission can be maintained as low.

There are one more interesting options that are available in the admin panel. The Surge Price! This is an excellent feature in high traffic or high request situations. If there are too many requests coming in at a particular place during a particular time, then the admin can increase the price of the ride. , surge price doubles the price of the trips for that same area where there are many customers to keep the balance between the riders as well as the drivers.

More Features in the Admin Panel


This feature allows restrictions. It ensures that only people living in a particular area can use this app to send out a job request. If there is an area or a locality that the administrator would prefer not to take rides from, no requests can originate from there. For example, if there is an area where people do not behave appropriately to your drivers so through geo-fence you can restrict that same area. The people of that same area will now won’t be able to request for a ride. Even if an individual chooses the same drop off point that you have restricted, then by default no rides will be shown on his or her screen.

Ride Request Radius

Ride request radius is also quite a similar feature as geo-fencing but still, there are differences between them. This feature helps the administrator to set a radius that covers some certain part of a city. The users that lie under this selected part of the city will be able to request for a ride. The users living in the unselected part will not be able to request a ride.

Gender Driver

Admin can enable this option for their customer from admin panel. Actually, this feature will be visible in the uber clone rider app. Gender driver is a feature through which a rider can choose the gender of the driver. For example, if any woman is not comfortable or have any insecurity with a male driver, she can simply select the female driver. The female driver will come to pick up her for the trip.

Now, this feature can only be work if the owner has a female driver. If not, then this feature is of no use. Countries like the United States have many female drivers and it’s a very good example for women all around the world. As in many other countries, female driving is not at all supported. So, if you a taxi business owner and deciding to purchase an uber clone app, do not forget to encourage women for driving.


The rider is the customer who wants to use the mobile application. He keeps track of all the active drivers in the vicinity and requests for the desired cab. The rider can further check the minimum price of the journey, details of price per mile and overall cost of the journey selected from his pickup location to his destination.

The rider has informed about overall journey cost, provided a detailed bill of the journey and the shared booking history.  Ratings of both driver and rider.


The cab driver registers for the cab services as a professional driver by registering through the mobile application. The admin user approves the application of any driver. The admin verifies the vehicle registration and driver license before approving the specific driver.

The driver can further select any user directly with the mobile application. Also, update the status of pickup or rejection of any specific booking or customer drops off. However all the booking history and status of the bookings along with payments also maintained in the driver account, which stored in the app database.

Get your Uber mobile clone app designed today, sit back, and enjoy your investment.

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