A Secure Taxi Business Triangle

We often hear about love triangles and in such situations, one of them has to sacrifice so that the other two can move onward and forwards.  However, have you heard about a triangle where all the three involved get the benefit and no one has to lose? I am talking about a business triangle whereby the business is done with clarity and transparency. Uber iPhone clone script has designed keeping the all the main parties of the ride in mind, the driver and the passenger.

uber iPhone clone script

How the Triangle of Business works

The Uber Clone provides an easy way for the passengers to avail a comfortable ride without losing his comfort and convenience. The easiest way to enjoy the benefits is to download the Uber iPhone app script.

You are free to look for ride options available and choose the right one that fits you the best. This way, your personal safety also not compromised, let’s see how:

  • The door to door pickup and drop off makes it safe, especially when you are alone and it is late.
  • Cabs registered on the system will only be available.
  • You will be able to see the driver’s photograph on your screen when you book.

The system designed to provide the passenger with an estimated time of arrival. Moreover, they will be able to track the position of the cab on their smartphones based on the real-time tracking system. Payment is done automatically via credit card on confirmation of the ride. The cash option is available too. Online payments are way much secure as Uber iPhone clone script uses payment gateways that protect online transactions. Usually, uber iPhone clone script uses Braintree Paypal and Stripe payment gateways. Along with online and cash payment option, the wallet is also available. Through wallet, the rider can store the money if he or she does not want to do online payment at the time of the ride.

There wide options that are available for riders in uber iPhone clone script.

  • Ride Sharing: Through this option, the rider can share their ride with other riders whose destination is on the same route. Whatever will be the trip fare, it will be divided in between the riders accordingly.
  • Scheduled Ride: Rider can book a scheduled ride, this means if a rider has to leave for his or her working place after half an hour then he or she can select the timing and can book the ride.
  • Choice of Vehicle: There are a variety of vehicles available that can be chosen by a rider. If any rider wants to reach his or her destination place via luxury ride, that individual can simply select the ride of their choice. The price of the trip also varies from a variety of ride too.

Now comes the driver. They have the flexibility to turn the app on and off depending on their availability. The income after the hard work is worth every penny and there are no hidden charges, which the driver is supposed to bear. They do not have to pay any charges for radio charges, surcharge etc. to drive. Any car owner can be a part of the business if he put his car and spare time to productive use by enrolling as a driver for the script owner.

Uber iPhone clone script for rider and driver

Your Uber iPhone clone Script, which comes in a pack of three, the driver app, the passenger app, and the admin (script owner) panel. As an owner, you are in charge of the whole system, as it is your business. It becomes your responsibility to ensure that the drivers that register on your app are eligible to drive. And are clear with all the relevant paperwork.  Your credibility as the business owner depends on the reputation of your drivers.

It is quite possible that you are wondering where you fit in in this business triangle. You are possibly also wondering how it can be profitable for you. Well, the foremost important point is that the script comes at a very reasonable price that relieves any big investment. Uber iPhone app script that the system fully automated and you do not have to work on it 24×7. The point of interest for everyone is, of course, the finance. For every ride booked on the site, you get a fixed commission.  Moreover, you get another fixed rate for every passenger that uses the services.

With the growing complexities of working as an employee, this is a far better option to choose. We need to look at alternative sources of income. This one looks better than any of the others in the current market.Save


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