Get your Uber for Roadside Assistance Application

Imagine a day when your car breaks down or runs out of gas in the middle of a highway and you are not able to fix it on your own. In such circumstances, a person would need to get his car towed to the nearest available garage or mechanic. But how will you get a mechanic or road assistance? You may start searching for a roadside assistance service on Google but the results may not be useful. In such cases, you need uber for roadside assistance application which can get you a tow truck or a mechanic immediately to your car.

uber for roadside assistance

How uber for roadside assistance works

The application works with simple registration and service selection process without many complications. Below are some of the simple steps involved.

    • User registration

The app user needs to register via email or their mobile number. This is a one-step one time or optional step. Also, there may be quick a registration option available to register via social media like Facebook or Google.

towing service selection

    • Service selection

The user needs to select a service from the available option like tire repair, towing, battery replacement, accidental help, dead battery etc.

    • Share location

A user needs to provide his location to the service provider.


    • Vehicle information

vehicle information

Customer needs to share his vehicle information like registration number, model number and select from the list of added vehicles for easy identification of vehicle to be towed by the professional so that required tow vehicle can be used.

    • Service level agreement

The service provider will share an approximate timeline when the tow professional or mechanic will reach to the customer and help him fix the issue or get the car to the nearby garage.

Features of the Application

Below are some of the key features of the Tow truck app.

  • Easy onboarding

    The registration step will be extremely quick and easy via the phone number, email or social media profiles.

  • List of services

    Users will get a list of services from which he/she can choose like battery repair/replacement, the tire burst, etc

  • Share location and add vehicles 

    Another key feature of tow truck app is that it lets you share location and add vehicles so that the service provider can provide a suitable vehicle to the user.

  • Estimated cost 

    The application also gives an approximate value of service charges

  • Notifications 

    App users will get regular updates and notifications by SMS or push notifications

  • Easy payment options

    Payment Option



  • Customers can choose to pay from different options like Debit / Credit card, wallets, cash etc.


  • Provide Feedback, review and ratings 

    Another important feature of this application is that it provides an option to review, rate and provide feedback

  • SOS button 

    An important SOS button would be provided in the app so that emergency contacts can be alerted in case required.

The on-demand Uber for roadside assistance application will consist of three main stakeholders. First is the customer or app user who needs assistance. Second is the service provider or the truck mechanic who will be the professional providing assistance and third will be the admin or towing company owner who will be the admin of the application and manages the services.

uber for tow trucks

Customers and mechanics need to install an application and choose their roles when logging in whilst the towing company will use admin user to manage the application usage, make changes, handle customer queries etc.

The admin stands to benefit from providing this service such that for every job booked through the app, they stand to get a commission. Would you like to invest in the uber for roadside assistance and subsidize your income?