Escort On Demand App for Android and iPhone

With the pressure to be the best in our careers, we have started neglecting our personal lives. We no longer have time for having a relationship, getting married and staying committed to it or even having children. More often than not, people are opting for casual relationships which may become serious in the future. The same goes for sex too. It is now just easier to log onto an uber for escorts app and look for someone who wants the same as you – a date, a good time and possibly sex, with no strings attached.

To cater to this casual demand, more and more apps that provide this discreet service are springing up everywhere. Tinder is well known for being the most notorious sex app in town today but there are many that are there, many that we do not know about. Let’s look at a few of these Uber for Escorts apps that provide a date as well as sex on demand.

Be Naughty

This app is the leader of all apps in the sex industry. An estimated 13.3 million men and women use this uber for escorts app every month to satisfy their sexual cravings. Regular users will always have someone new to link up with. This app allows users to:

escort on demand app

  • Get exactly what they are looking for. Users can search through the app and get matches related to their immediate neighborhood, age, gender, likes and dislikes, etc.
  • Users can search through millions of profiles, as well as chat and share pictures if they wish to.

Offering complete privacy, this app allows you to define exactly what you want other users to see you. There is no charge for registration. Uber for Escorts app is compatible with both Android and iPhone so users will never be shortchanged as far as sex is concerned wherever they are.


This app has a radar system that hides your location. You, therefore, have to “wink” at users before they can view your profile. Users also can chat via voice and/or video with each other thereby doing away with the need to exchange mobile numbers.

It has a teleport whereby users can browse and meet people in other cities before even getting on the plane to that city.


Ideal for no strings attached sex on demand. Once you become a member, you can submit a request and state whether you are looking for a male or a female sex partner. You also need to inform where you would like to meet. The app will then throw up some potential matches for you to choose from.

Since you photo and taglines are only visible for an hour, you need to move fast. This method also ensures total privacy at all times.

Start your own Uber for Escorts

The sex industry is one that will never experience the recession. There are always sex hungry men and women on the lookout for a casual link up with no strings attached. Since their lives are such that they really do not have time to look for someone specific they might as well get an app to do it for them.

There is a lot of money to be made in this industry. All you need to do is get an app that will provide the services that clients are looking for. You might as well come up with a unique service that no one has thought of before i.e. massage and sex etc. Whatever your idea, you need to get a developer to design an uber for escorts app for you.

uber for escorts

You can get inspiration from any of the above apps and also research on the internet for more information. You can decide where you will get your revenue from i.e. a set fee for a user to actually look further into one profile, etc

Once you launch your uber for escorts app, you can bet that you will start minting in no time. You will earn millions of dollars wherever you are. Valentine is around the corner. Make the most of this opportunity today and start raking it in after 72 hours.