uber handicapped taxi app

There is nothing more frustrating than the fact that a disability or illness is preventing you from doing things. Think of the times when you have been ill or had an accident and you are very reliant on someone else to do things for you, including taking you to the washroom. Not a good feeling is it. I remember a time when I was totally bed ridden and even if I wanted to get out of bed, I needed to be helped up. I remember feeling so helpless and frustrated, especially when no one was around and I needed to do something.

Now think of all the people who have a disability of some sort, maybe by birth or by accident. They are very reliant on others to help them do everyday things. The biggest frustration for these people is when they want to go out and they cannot because they have no one to take them. It may be that even if they have someone who will take them out, their vehicle is not equipped to cater to their disability. This is the thought that gave rise to the Uber for handicapped taxi app.

What is Uber for handicapped taxi app?

This app has been designed for the specific needs for disabled and physically challenged people.  It works just like any other on demand taxi app, the only difference being that the drivers who register on this app have vehicles that cater to the handicapped. There are various features on the app that have been specifically been integrated to cater to disabled people.

Therefore if anyone has a mobility issue, then they will log onto the app and request for a vehicle that has wheelchair access by means of a ramp or a lift. The rider will only get access to the drivers of these vehicles and they can then choose the vehicle/driver they want depending on their requirements.

Disabilities catered by on demand taxi apps for the physically handicapped

There are a number of disabilities that these apps cater to, which include:

  • Riders with hearing issues
  • Riders with speaking problems
  • Riders who are wheelchair bound
  • Riders who are visually impaired
  • Riders who are semi or fully bed ridden

Depending on the disability, the app has features that will cater to that particular disability. The app also has features that cater to riders who are accompanied by service animals. For example, many blind people usually have a guide dog along with them. When they want to travel then it is imperative that they request a driver who will allow the guide dog to travel with the rider.

Provide a taxi service for the disabled and reap in good karma

There are many taxi apps that cater to the normal population but very few that actually cater to disabled and physically challenged people.  If you are thinking of launching a taxi app, then think seriously about launching one that caters to these people. In countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and many European and American countries, the services of these taxi apps is in great demand. What’s more, these apps can be customized such that they will operate in the language of the country you want to launch it in and accept the local currency. Now all you need to do is get a developer who will design this app for you and give you the features that you want for your taxi business the business that will cater to the physically challenged. Many developers out there will give you your app.  However, will they give you the app and more at a price that is friendly to your pocket? Therefore, do your research well before selecting the one developer for your app.

Remember, for every ride booked through your app. you will get a percentage commission. Now you have a market, you know for sure that you are onto a winner, it’s now time to do your research and get a reputed developer to develop the most amazing taxi booking app for handicapped population of the world.

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