Buy Pocket Friendly Uber Clone for Your Business

Selling complete white-labeled solution to end clients is a very lucrative business especially that of selling uber clone. Since we are living in the era of on-demand apps, this clone has become the most sought-after app everywhere, with everyone wanting to launch their own on demand service or product. These clones come with a list of smart features that are part of the package when you get it developed.

These smart features of the uber clone script include the following:

uber clone

  • Free customization of a language
  • Free customization of a currency
  • Customer support, round the clock
  • Submission to iTunes and Android Play stores
  • A domain license for the website, Android and iPhone
  • A white-labeled solution in your brand with your logo

Free customization of a language

Since you might not only want to use this app in a country where its main language is English, it might be a wise idea to have the local language incorporated within the app. The basic idea is that the users of the application might be comfortable in English, but you can’t expect the drivers to know how to use an app in English. This is why; giving the option of the local currency makes sure that your drivers, as well as riders, can both enjoy the application.

Free customization of a currency

Like English can’t be the only language that people are comfortable using all over the world, the currency of every country is different too. This is why another very important feature is to ensure that you have the currency of the place that you are planning to launch the app is integrated into the application. If you find a company that offers this feature for free, you will have a great product at the best price!

Customer support, round the clock

Customer support is a critical factor when it comes to making the application successful. You are probably not a tech-savvy person with all the details required to make sure that the application runs smoothly. This is why, when you buy the application, make sure you get it from a company that offers good support.

Submission to iTunes and Android Play stores

There are many different kinds of rules that are applicable in the Google play store and the iTunes store in o0rder to launch an app. Anyone who doesn’t have any experience in doing so might find it extremely difficult to get the apps passed for the app store. This is why in case you are buying an app; just ensure that you buy it from a place that offers to launch these apps on your behalf. They have to take full responsibility for launching the app.

A domain license for the website, Android and iPhone

Having a license to use the application is extremely important. You need to make sure that you have the app in the most legal way. The license allows the users to ensure that the application runs seamlessly under their domain name.

A white-labeled solution in your brand with your logo

White labeling is perhaps the most important thing that you must look for when you get your application. White label means the process of placing your logo and brand name on the application and removing any trace of the company that has built the application. This is important because you don’t want your competitors to know who has built the application for you. This will prevent your competition from knowing who has built your app so that they can’t approach the same company and make a better app than yours.

The above features are usually provided at no cost to the buyer. However, there are a few premium features that can be provided but at a hefty cost. These include:

  • Internal call masking
  • Colour Theme according to your logo
  • Android App and iPhone app rejection support

The above features are usually paid features. However, there are taxi app developers who provide some features free. One feature that is provided free by some developers is the changing of the logo color.

Let’s say for instance that your logo is in black and white, but your client wants the color to be red and white, the change of color would usually cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you get it developed by the right developer, then you can get this service free of charge. The developer will change your logo color to the one your client wants at no cost to you.

This is indeed a big saving for you and you get a happy client too because you have achieved the impossible for them.

It is therefore very important that when you choose your development partner, it is imperative that you check what your developer will give you for the money you are paying. Make sure that the quality of the app is good too. It is no good buying a cheap app that doesn’t work half the time. You should get value for money on your app. Of course, you also need to make sure what other additional features and services they will provide you with once you have bought your app from them.

Now you need not to worry about paying extra for any changes your end client wants on their uber clone. You can now get premium features and services at no extra cost as long as you get the right development partner. Research well and you will surely get the solution of your dreams at the price of peanuts.

You have to, however, be absolutely certain that when you buy uber clone app that it appeals to the general masses. Some colors are downright repulsive. Don’t go in that way. Keep a neutral color palette so that it works well across all cultural pockets and suits the aesthetic senses of just about everyone.

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