What are the New Features to Acknowledge in Uber Clone App?

The taxi industry has become one of the biggest business industries all around the world. After Uber, many other taxi booking platforms came in the market and now some of them are just incredible. Taxi brands like Lyft, Careem, Grab and many more have just completely taken over the complete taxi market. For riders also, getting a ride for commutation is not a big deal now. Just have to access the smartphone and then a taxi uber clone app with great features. Soon, the ride is available at the rider’s location to pick him or her up.

It has become the most profitable as well as the most competitive business too. If you are thinking to start your own taxi business then no need to worry, it is obvious that you will be moving along with the market trend. But, if you’re an existing taxi business owner and provide taxi services through an Uber like app. Then make sure you add some new features to your business tool. As a new year has started, why stay behind in making your business more beneficial for you as well as your customers.

Uber clone app features

It’s time to make your business tool a futuristic app for your customers i.e., your drivers and your riders. Let people get the best of what they were demanding for. It is necessary to keep upgrading things that brings profit to us and here, upgrading your Uber clone script is a key to success. Because, market changes from time to time, people demand changes according to the situations. And, in this phase, if you haven’t updated your business. Your competitors will take over the market and soon you will lose the grip in the taxi industry.

Let’s see what new features you can add to your Uber clone app taxi business tool.

Kiosk Booking App

Well, Kiosk is not actually a feature for your Uber clone script; it is your app only that is built for Kiosk machines. The kiosk is a small booth which has a 14-15 inch touch display. It allows people to book various types of tickets like a bus ticket, movie ticket, any trending live show tickets and much more.

Kiosk booking app can be installed in all the Kiosks in your city. That will allow tourist and traveller to book a ride without directly using your taxi app.

Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel

It’s part of your taxi app’s admin panel that you can provide to all your partnered hotels. With the help of this taxi booking panel, the traveller and tourists will be able to book your taxi ride directly from the hotel. Without using your Uber clone script. They can simply inform the Hotel reception about where they want to go and the hotel reception officials can manually make the booking for the guests.

Uber Clone App for On Demand Taxi Services

If you are planning further to start your own new taxi platform then no other business tool is better than Uber clone script. This clone has all the latest features that will satisfy both i.e., the rider as well as the driver. Get your Uber clone script today and with taxi business today.

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