Why should you Buy Uber App Clone Script

Hello everyone.  I am the Uber app clone, who has come to help you run your own on-demand taxi business. I am an app that talks, thinks, work and speaks like Uber and hence the reason my name is that.

Today I am going to tell you all about me, and how I can help you set up your own online on-demand taxi business without investing in a single taxi! How is that?

uber app clone

The idea behind my conception

Many entrepreneurs around the world want to get into the business of owning an online on-demand taxi business but cannot due to the high costs involved in designing an app. I was developed as an answer to their prayers. I am a cost-effective app, bigger and better than the original, and perfect for anyone who wants to start their own business. All they need to do is buy Uber app clone script. By the way, that is another one of my names.

The unique features that I have made me a must have the clone

Many people think I am just like Uber as well as my other cousins. Maybe so, but I know that I am the best in the business and will always be. You may be thinking that why I have so much confidence in myself? It’s because I have learned things from the original i.e., Uber.

I am designed in the way as well as in the form that not a single person can find my flaws as I am the flawless uber clone app available in the market. There is no match of mine and if you don’t trust me, consider trying me.

Did you know that I can be launched anywhere in the world? If you want to run your business in France, launch me there; if South Africa, then I will settle in nicely even there. The best part of me is that you can change my language and currency settings depending on where you launch me. In France, I will welcome people by saying Bonjour! You can pay into my account with Euros.

Payment Methods

Apart from the Euro, you can also use your PayPal or credit card account for payment. My Geo-fencing feature allows me to restrict the area where I do not want to accept the ride request. This feature of mine will not allow the users to place ride booking request and will show display “Service Not Available in your Area” message. My owner can use it when there is an area where the localities misbehave to the driver and even do not pays for the ride.

I am designed in such a way that you can mold me according to your requirements. Will become solely yours, including adapting the brand name that you will give me. 

I come in a set of three, one for the rider, one for the driver and one for the admin that is you since you are my lord and master. You will be responsible for all of us, including the payments. You get a set commission for every driver that book on my system. Have I not told you the best bit? I am fully responsive and will show up on all your personal digital gadgets, be it iPhone or iPad, tablet or any smartphone.

I will be the part of your customer’s smartphones from they can book their ride through operating me. Users can easily book a ride from me anytime and anywhere. Riders can even schedule a ride from me i.e. if someone wants to leave for the office meeting on a specific time then he or she can book a ride at that certain time.

Driver’s App Work Flow

The driver’s app is the most robust part of my overall package. It’s the part of mine from where the people who own a car can register themselves as my owner’s driver. For registration, the only couple of information are required and few scanned documents like a driving license as well as the document of the car. That’s all! Now that same person will be registered as the driver on mine and can accept the ride request.

Admin Panel Work Flow

The admin panel is an ultimate power box of my app package. Whatever features are available in both the app i.e., a rider as well as the driver controls through the admin panel. The admin panel is only accessed by the owner of the app. It is necessary for the owner that is you to keep the credential of the admin panel safe and protected. If it is placed in the wrong hands, your whole business will be in danger.

Buy Uber App Clone Script

I am not very expensive so anyone can afford me to start up his or her online business. Once I am settling in your home, that is like three days, I will start working for and earning for you from then onward.

When you buy me, I assure you that I will never sleep. I will keep working for you day and night. In fact, you can sleep and I will continue working and you will be able to see my hard work in your account.

Am I not just a very brilliant clone to have? Go get me today and make me a part of your family.

I am Uber App Clone, an app who has just told you why I am the best in the business and how easily you can make your life just by welcoming me into your family.

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