Top Secrets about Facebook Minisite Designing

Since Facebook has become so popular in the present times, business owners globally use it to ensure the promotion of their brands.  As more and more people connect on Facebook, it becomes an open platform for people to be able to view products and services of any brand or company.

How Entrepreneurs use Facebook

Facebook initially started off as a college level diary website that would allow students of a particular college to connect with each other and share pictures and videos online apart from messaging and chatting. However today it has taken shape of one of the world’s biggest networking website.

This is why marketing professionals have derived unique ways to flaunt their brands and to make their products and services more accessible and reachable to their clients. Since Facebook is free it offers to be the most cost efficient way to entice global audiences.

Apart from making their own business page, entrepreneurs also undertake Facebook Application Development and Facebook Minisite Development to attract more and more clients.

Facebook Minisite

What is Facebook Minisite Development?

Facebook minisite development refers to the process of developing a tiny website within the web URL of Facebook itself. This means that even when someone logs into facebook, he will be able to access your minisite if you have set it up in the right way providing attractive links.

Minisites play a very important role in making the customer aware about your products and service offerings apart from ensuring that the traffic on your website increases exponentially.

Facebook Minisite Designing

Since the level of competition has increased at an alarming rate, entrepreneurs have to struggle to keep increase the conversion ratio from viewers to customers. For this one has to ensure that they facebook minisite designing undertaken by them happens to be better than that of their customers. Following are some tricks that can help in making an effective Facebook Minisite Design:


Facebook is a white and blue site speckled with red alerts. This means that whatever colours that you use on your page should contrast with the backdrop. Remember that the sharper the contrast he faster will you be able to capture the attention of the users. Considering that the human attention span is of 6 to 7 seconds, speed and a dramatic effect is of critical importance. This however, does not mean that you forget the central element of your core business and throw around irrelevant colours here and there. Whatever you display has to be in sync with the company’s objectives.


The content matter of what you are saying to the people has to be precise and remarkable at the same time. No one likes boring pomp that companies throw around boasting about how esteemed they are and how spotless their products are. Give them details that they want not ones that you want them to know. Try highlighting stuff that really matters to them. What are the benefits of using your products, how can they reach you, are you affordable and so on and so forth.

Make sure that whatever you do, you have a good Facebook minisite designer to help out with the final outcome. It will be really nice if you can put in some amount of research behind the whole thing so that the final product really pays off well.