Top 5 On Demand Android App for Startups

The on-demand industry has been moving in leaps and bounds since it was first conceptualized by Uber in 2009. The name Uber itself means “topmost” or “super” in German. This name is properly reflected in the way this concept has become the forefront of today’s service and product industry. Any service or product is now being Uberised because that is the future; that is the way forward; that is what the public want. Let us look at the top five concepts that have embraced this technology and are in the forefront as far as on-demand startups apps like uber are concerned.

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1. Food Delivery

uber for food delivery

Food is the most important necessity for our survival and if we can get it on demand, then why not? Most food businesses in the world have uberised their services so that clients can order food as and when they want to and get it delivered wherever they are. Top on-demand food delivery apps include Restaurants, Caviar and DoorDash.

2. On-Demand Services

uber for service provider

In our fast-paced world no one has the time to look for each individual service provider, be it a plumber, electrician, handyman or any other service provider. The idea of all services available on one platform is fast catching pace, giving rise to on-demand service apps being launched everywhere. Rather than have a separate app for delivery, one for flower delivery, one for massage, etc it is just so easy to have an app that homes all these apps and makes it easy for everyone to request the service of their choice on their terms and times.

3. Doctor On Demand

uber for doctors

Medical care at the drop of a hat, or shall we say at the tap of a button just sounds like bliss. That means there is no queuing up at the doctor’s surgery, or at the hospital. Just request medical care as and when you want it at your convenience. This idea is becoming more and more favorable to working people who can opt to see a doctor at a time of their convenience.

4. Uber for Housecleaning

uber for house cleaning

As more and more couples work, it becomes very difficult to get a maid to clean the house on a daily basis or even do it by themselves. That is why the idea of on-demand house cleaning apps is appealing to all the working people as they can request a cleaner at their convenience, maybe in the evenings or at the weekends and get their house looking as good as new.

5. Taxi Business

It is no surprise that after the phenomenal success of Uber that every taxi business wanted to go the Uber way. Demand for apps like Uber increased and today almost every country in the world has its own on-demand taxi startup that works just like Uber. Prominent names include Ola, Lyft and Hailo.

Uber clone for Taxi business

Which one is the most profitable?

If one were to ask which one of these is the best option, well it honestly depends on where you have your expertise set in. Say, for example, you have an existing taxi business. Then it makes the most sense for you to use an app for the taxi.

If you, however, don’t have any existing business and really want to invest into something for the first time, you will have to do a little research on what is the most trending business requirement in your area.

Profitability is a subjective thing. What are the kinds of commissions that you want to earn? How much profit are you willing to share with the service provider? These are all the things that you need to take a look at before you can decide on the profitability.

For the most part, any kind of business here can be profitable because it doesn’t require any active involvement or investment from you in the long run. Once you buy the application it works by itself comfortably and you don’t have to make any payment anywhere.  A one-time investment might even reap you a lifetime of income without having to really do anything at all!

Conducting research

Your first step should be to conduct a thorough research on what is the best and the most suitable business in and around your area. You can do this by trying to understand exactly what the requirement of the region is.  

Look at it from the perspective of a user. Think of what the people need the most in that area and then think about how an application would be accepted there. For example, if you live in a city where lots of working professionals and students live, then perhaps the biggest requirement there is of food delivery.

Considering that as the background, you might be interested in starting your own food delivery application. This will get you instant businesses as more and more people want your services. One thing that you have to be especially careful about is to make sure that you use the service of your competitor. This will help you understand exactly how what all is needed in your own app.

Do you need to add some feature that is not available in the existing apps like Uber?

Do you need to overcome some feature that is not so good in the other app? Make sure that you pick the best features of your competitors and leave out all the things that you don’t like from the user point of view.

If any of the above ventures catch your fancy all you need to do is look for a developer. Let them know your requirement. You get your app and away you go, providing the service you have chosen, be it taxi or food.

However, that is not to say that other ideas cannot be appified. If you have a brilliant on demand concept just discuss it with a good developer and get it launched. Who knows, your idea might be bigger than Uber’s?

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