Avoid these mistakes in your Gojek Clone app

If you have been trying to set yourself up with a beautiful multi service platform to make the most out of the service market place. Then you have definitely considered the possibility of buying the Gojek Clone app and setting up an empire with it.

However, if you haven’t been too attentive to the market and its demands, things can go sideways very easily. This is why we have put together a list of all the most common mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs make. And how to avoid them to ensure that you have a successful business effectively.

A mobile app is not a miniature Website

One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to building app based businesses is that people tend to treat an application like a website. It is not. An app can offer you a lot more. Unlike a website, where everything is mostly done out of a single page. An app can give you multiple choices with multiple buttons placed in multiple places.

A website is not as engaging or “live” as a mobile is. This is why you can actually make the user’s experience very seamless. If your Android and iOS developers know what they should do. Across the board, this seems to be one of the most persistent and consistent problem with the mobile development industry.

Make it personal

Smartphones have come a long way and are equipped to do a whole lot of things. You should perhaps consider making the most of these devices. You can, however, only do so, if you have the best team of Android and iOS developers working on your apps.

While we can all agree that mobile apps are built for the masses and they need to be as generic as possible, it is also true that the lack of personalization affects apps in a very negative way. If something isn’t customized or tailored to a particular user’s liking, it will stop interesting them.

This is why your algorithm should be such that it understands the usage of the apps. And makes sure that the suggestions are given to the users based on their popular choices. So, for example, if a user wishes to Use Gojek clone app to hire a beautician for a hair spa every month. The app should automatically offer feeds about Hair spa and other related services. This is a small but significant personalization that makes the app more “likeable” for the users.

Low Quality Images for Faster Loading

Now it is a given that you want your bike sharing app like gojek to load fast and be easy for your customers to just click. And get their way with it, but you really can’t afford to make the images in the app low quality just for optimization of loading time.

This is a big mistake that most people tend to make without realizing that it affects the judgments of the people for you. If your app looks unprofessional, they treat your brand as a cheap and unprofessional one. We surely don’t want our Gojek Clone to look like that, do we?

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