Grow your Food Delivery Business with these 5 Top Ticks

Whether it is the millennials or the serious corporate gen X’s, whenever people are hungry, they instantly turn to online food delivery apps. Today, the world needs these apps more than ever. With the Corona Virus pandemic having closed most countries completely, ordering food online is the only practical solution to help families who are shut down within the confines of the homes, trying to manage work and personal loves.

However, there are so many different online food delivery businesses available in the market today, that it might seem a tad bit difficult to kick start your own business in the same industry.  Don’t worry; our experts have listed out 6 industry top tips to make sure that you can always stay ahead of the game.

Get into the Aggregator Model

Today’s world demands options. The more choices you can offer to the people, the higher is your chance to make sure that your customers stick to your app and don’t look for any other solution. The aggregator model is a very simple one.  It enables you to move away from the solo story of an independent restaurant and bring other into the fold.

To work with the aggregator model, you simply have to make sure that you tie up with multiple restaurants in your target region so that your customers can choose from and order from their menus as well. Each time there is an order delivered, you end up making money. Regardless of whether they order from your restaurant or not, you always end up making money.

The aggregator model will allow you to ensure that you never have to worry about getting orders and money. So long as you have the application running in the best way and a systematic tie up with the top restaurants, your business will always be great.

Create a smooth logistical system

Logistics is probably the most important aspect of the food delivery business. Apart from creating good food (which is a charge for the restaurants) the only other thing that the business hinges on is to make sure that the process of delivery is absolutely seamless.

The network of delivery drivers, the app that connects the admin to the delivery driver and the restaurant along with the customers, and the restaurant order taking system have to all be working in pristine condition.

The smoother is your delivery process; the better will you be liked by your customers. To ensure that all of this happens, you have to ascertain that the application that you use for your online food delivery business is built to the highest quality standards.

Define the Region for your business

In the food delivery market, you will always find some hotspots that have an increased demand rate for food ordering. It is important that you plot the demand and availability on a graph and define a clear area of operations for the entire scale of your business.

Defining the region will reduce the stress on your app as well as your company. If it is concentrated in a few areas around your city or country, you will be better able to manage your business by giving it complete attention.

Unnecessary traffic can also weaken your app. It may cause unnecessary glitches. You don’t want to lose out on your real customers because of customers that aren’t really much interested in ordering food. Ensure that you make a clear definition of your business boundaries.

Know the components that make your application

A food delivery app is not just one component. There are multiple facets to it that you have to know about. Unless you are completely aware about everything that goes on around in your app, you want be able to make the most of the business opportunities that come your way.

So, the basic components of your app include:

  1. User iOS and Android App with web panel
  2. Delivery Driver iOS and Android App with Web Panel
  3. Restaurant App with Web Panel
  4. Admin Panel/Dashboard

Since there are so many components to your application, you can understand exactly how complex this application is. With this knowledge, you will be able to understand what kind of features each app must have. Otherwise, if you continue to treat it as a single app, you will end up having the same kind of features across the board.

Order Tracking

While order tracking is a key feature, most new entrepreneurs ignore it. This is why, it is important to make sure that your app is fully equipped with the tracking feature. While you are at it, it might be a great idea to ensure that your tracking screen looks lively and attractive.

Having a little car icon or a scooter icon might be a nice touch to keep it interesting for your users. You can try out a couple of apps developed by companies, who make white label on demand applications, to see what is their design flow like and to ascertain if their offerings match your requirements.


To end the list, it is important to know your app fully well. If you are going to base your business on a mobile application, it is only fair that you understand all the dynamics of the application, but know which features can be most beneficial to you.

Also, remember to keep your eyes wide open for ideas of expansion. The on demand food delivery business solution is just the first step. If you make sure that you focus on the business trends, you may be able to soon expand into multiple delivery opportunities. All the best!

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