Things you should Know while Developing Facebook Applications

Today, everyone in the business world wishes to have a Facebook application to mark their business enterprise on Facebook. This is because of the increasing numbers of Facebook users. However, can everyone simply start creating apps just like that? Alas, no.

There is a lot that goes on in order to create a perfect app. Any decent Facebook App Developer can tell you that there are many things apart from the technical aspects that one must take care of while creating an application for themselves. Let us look at each of these issues one by one:

Graphics and their size

You might want to create spectacular graphics for your Facebook page, however, until and unless you know the right size, you will only end up making a below average impression. The width allotted to an app is 810 pixels only. Therefore ensure that your graphics are such that do not require any scrolling. You can choose the length of the graphic by remaining within the limits of 500 pixels. This will entail that your app graphic remains above the fold or break on most computer screens.Facebook Apps

Cover Photo

A cover photo will play the make or break role for your app. If it is attractive and can please onlookers, they will stay on the page. If it is irrelevant and doesn’t even make sense, you can’t blame people to leave it. The dimensions of the cover photo as given by Facebook are 74 pixels in height and 111 pixels in width. Design a cover photo which is appropriate and very catchy.

Mobile Ready tabs

It is not necessary that all tabs will be visible on mobiles. So for you mobile users, there is a”Mobile ready” option. This means that there will be a distinct URL on mobile devices to enable the users to view the content that is there on the custom tab.

Why do apps help business?

Before undertaking Facebook App Development you must first understand why is it that it affects business so much. Basically any business is run by how well its products can be sold. Breaking it down to the simplest elements it can be said that business is run on sales and marketing. We attempt to ensure that more and more people can see the brand so that they can understand and appreciate your products and services.

This is where Facebook comes in handy. It is the best way to reach out to the maximum numbers of people. What’s more, because of the whole sharing feature, if even one customer likes your services, they will themselves spread the word about you.

The best way to create a fabulous app for your business is to get hold of a decent Facebook app developer who can present your brand in the best possible way. Make sure you check about their previous work catalog apart from their charges to conduct a safe deal. Be creative and discuss with your developers for best results.