Empower Your Taxi On Demand Business with the Uber App Clone

Who could have thought that in the recent apps, an online taxi booking app like Uber would altogether revolutionize the taxi on demand business along with the life of customers in particular?

Launched in 2009, the main aim of the Uber app was to offer car services to users. Over the years though, the app transformed itself into a ride-hailing giant with a revenue of almost multi-billions. According Statista, the gross booking volume by users on Uber is almost 14.2 billion US dollars.


Reasons for Popularity and Success of Uber

  1. Offers cheaper rides to passengers
  2. Offers employment to drivers
  3. Maintains transparency by enlightening the rider and the driver about each other and their locations as well as payment, etc.
  4. Easy to use and understand
  5. Helps business travellers receive a cab as per their convenience
  6. Safe as users can track their current location and share the details of their trip with their family or friends

Thus, an app like Uber not only helps the user and the driver. It also helps the business build a name and get huge profits through the commissions they earn. This helps them to in turn profits that has resulted in many start-ups. Nascent taxi businesses build a uber app clone for themselves. They do this in order to take their industry to a new height as well as stay ahead in the race of digitalization along with enlightening the prospective users about their services and building a brand in the long run.

However, choosing an ideal mobile app clone in general and uber app clone, in particular, is not an easy task. Uber is an all-pervasive app in itself. One or the services may or may not be available in the clone.

This, in turn, is taken care of by mobile app solutions which put in a lot of efforts to create a robust uber clone. This is done so that your taxi on demand business can reach new heights.

But before giving a green signal to any mobile app development company for developing your very own uber app clone.

Make sure to keep in mind that they are offering the following in your uber app clone.

  • Colour Theme Matching Your Logo in order to ensure that the company name and logo get reflected well
  • Free Accounting Web Panel to manage and maintain the financial transactions as well as accounts of the Taxi Company
  • Free Manual Taxi Dispatch Panel to enable users to book the cab by manually calling the business
  • White Labelled in order to make sure that nowhere in the app is the mobile app development company’s name gets displayed
  • Easy iOS and Android Installation on App and Google Play Store
  • iOS and Android App Rejection Support
  • NDA to make sure that nowhere is your name or business mentioned in their portfolio

Now that you know what you should keep in mind before giving a green signal to a mobile app development company. It is also essential to know the qualities of a successful and ideal uber app clone.

Characteristics of a Successful and Ideal Uber App Clone

Uber App Clone Script which contains the main website, rider iOS app, rider android app etc.

  • Local Currency and Local Language in order to use the app in your local language and pay in local currency
  • 100% Bug Free to ensure that app does not crash along the way
  • Free Internal Text Chatting between Driver and Rider to maintain the privacy of the both
  • Multiple Payment Options – cash/card/wallet to make payment convenient for users
  • Pickup and Drop Restriction through geo-fencing
  • Gender Based Preference to make the uber app clone women friendly
  • Handicap Accessibility to empower those who may be handicapped
  • Taxi Companies Web Panel to empower smaller taxi companies access and manage their drivers through your website
  • God’s Eye View to maintain a real view on the customers who may be looking for your uber app clone
  • Hotel/ tourist office booking panel and Kiosk booking app to request a ride by asking hotel to book and book the trip by a kiosk at the hotel reception
  • Block fraud drivers/ riders that keep cancelling their trips or rides on a regular basis
  • End of the Day Trip to empower drivers to take the benefit of the trip and ride the passenger to their drop location in case of an emergency

Thus, it goes without saying that an app like uber has altogether transformed the entire process of ride hailing and ride sharing to a great extent and building your own uber app clone would not only build a name for your business but also empower you to stay ahead in the race of applications along with take your business to an altogether new height.

So if you as an entrepreneur are ready to take that big jump and take your taxi on demand service to the pinnacle of success make sure that you integrate it with a licensed uber source code and uber script so that it not only helps your business earn great profits but also at the same time build a brand for itself along with becoming an instant hit among users.

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