Uber iOS App Script – the Ultra Modern Revolution to Locate, Book and Manage Taxis

Uber brought a new concept into the taxi industry. One of using your smartphone to locate and book a taxi from the comfort of your location, and has revolutionized the way taxis are run all over the world.

The unique concept of simply tapping your mobile device and there arrives a cab at your desired location in no time is what makes this taxi iOS app script a success. Prior to Uber, there was nothing like an on-demand taxi app.

How uber operates?

The tremendous success of this idea has made waves across the world and the app is being used in all every continent of the world. It is, therefore, no surprise, that this idea has become an inspiration for many app developers globally. They have all started designing taxi iOS App Script and other similar apps like Uber.

Why an app like uber is successful

For any business to be super successful, it needs to be introduce in a way that is not being successfully met by other businesses in the market. Uber has successfully identified and filled this void. A void that was not being filled by the usual taxi or car services.

Uber has also gone a step further and ventured into specialist rides like Ladies only rides, senior Citizen rides, Uber for kids, and other such different audiences. This is also another reason that has inspired many app companies to use the Uber app script and build a taxi iOS app script.

Benefits of taxi iOS app script

Use of Android and iOS Passenger Apps to book a taxi-
Users having an android phone or iOS phone, both can easily enjoy the service of Uber.

No extra equipment, no extra hardware-
Customers need no extra equipment or hardware to book a taxi like Uber.

Cloud-based on-demand taxi solution-
Uber is cloud-based on-demand taxi solution which store all the necessary information about the driver and the rider with its unique feature.

The passenger can locate the driver location via the GPS-
Tracking the taxi through GPS makes easier for their riders to enjoy the classy ride of Uber.

Multi-currency and multi-language supported-
Uber users enjoy Multiple currencies and multiple language option . It makes simple for them to enjoy their ride to unending level.

Admin panel is user-friendly- Admin panel in Uber is very simple to use. One has to not face complications in using the admin panel.

Transaction is done via cash or credit card-
It is easy to pay the bill in cash, with a credit card or debit card. The wallet is another option available in the application to pay the bill. Wallets are easy to recharge with credit cards.

Facility of in-app notifications for passengers and drivers-
Riders and drivers get notifications, once the taxi is booked. Any change in the plan is also notified to the customers and the drivers.

Easily customization-
Customers can easily customize their requirement for a taxi. They can go with different vehicles depending on their needs.

Can see real-time vehicle position via GPS-
Users can track the location of the taxi using this amazing feature of Uber.

Passengers get an automatic e-receipt-
Users automatically receives e –receipt on their phone once they reach their destination.

Additional payment gateway like PayPal is easy to integrate into the system-
Additional payment gateways can be integrated into the system of Uber, PayPal is one of them.

taxi iOS app script

Why apps like uber are a successful business venture

  • There are many reasons for the success of Uber kind of apps. The most important one amongst those is the fact that as a potential owner of the app, you can decide what features you want in your app. It is easy to customize the match of your specifications and that too in a cost-effective manner. The design of the app can be any way that you want because it is essentially just a code.
  • Most companies also offer the buyer to choose their own templates. These companies can easily configure and launch it for you. They also ensure that you are completely at ease with the app. The script can be a fully functioning live app up and running within three days of its installation.

Let’s look at some more points

  • The app can be completely in your name as well. This happens through a process called white labeling. Some companies offer free support for minor bugs for a year, while others offer support throughout the year, every day.
  • The concept of uberisation is here to stay, as it is easy for everyone who is looking for a ride at any time of the day or night. That is why entrepreneurs have a vested interest in a business that will take them places all through the touch of a few buttons and a few taps.

Why your app should be usual when your dreams are amazing? This app is the perfect reply you have been looking for. A flawless user interface makes it a pleasure to use. Now, you can simply book a taxi with your few taps on the phone.

Purchase Uber clone now. Your especially own white labeled, customized according to your requirements on-demand taxi booking app of your wish along with the Uber app clone script! Give your venture a new growth with this unbeatable app. The perfect, seamless and strapping on-demand taxi app for your taxi business is excitedly waiting for you.

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