Start a cab booking app with an iPhone source and Android source code

With the increase in population, it clearly follows that there is an increase in the number of vehicles too. This in turn leads to road congestion and increasing frustration amongst drivers who need to get to their destination quickly.

However with the increased awareness on global warming and carbon footprints, people have realize that it is better driven to drive. This means that fewer people are now investing in personal cars but are looking for environmental friendly and cost effective commuting options like ride sharing, and public transport.

Public transport may be cheap but not necessarily fast. That is why commuters prefer to use on demand taxis because they are not only cost effective but also faster and you can get one whenever you need one, without the hassles of signal failures and other problems that are usually associated with metros and other means of public transport.

The popularity of on demand taxis has risen since the advent of Uber and other similar on demand apps which make it possible for commuters to request a taxi within seconds. Taxi booking app are being used in the hundreds every day all over the world with millions using this form of transport for commuting.

Taxi booking app have become popular because they are a facility that they have in their hands, thanks to smart technology and mobile phones. These apps have made it possible for ordinary people to travel in luxury style in luxury cars, should they so wish.

This demand has created a hunger in entrepreneurs to invest in such apps and start their own taxi business. Let us look at why these apps are popular investment material.

Advantages of on demand taxi apps

  • App users can see the cab location on map, and once they have booked it, they can track it too.
  • Users do not have to continuously check if their ride request confirm or not. The app automatically notifies the user that their cab request has been confirmed with an estimated time of arrival too.
  • The taxi tracking service enables user to track the drivers as they make their way to the pickup point as well as when they travel to the drop off point.
  • Once the taxi booking is confirm the riders can chat with the driver
  • The GPS location helps users to pinpoint their pick up location on the map, rather than typing the address down.
  • Once the trip is complete, the fill details of the trip, including the fare are show on the app screen.
  • For payment convenience, users can pay by cash, e-wallets and payment cards.

If you are looking to develop your own taxi app for iPhone and Android, you need to ensure that you have the following features on your app.

In app payment facility

The whole payment process is done automatically without any money actually changing hands. Once the trip is over, the payment will automatically be deduct from the rider’s account, thus leaving no room for bargaining on both ends.

Geo Based location facility

The app is built in such a way that it can recognize the exact location of the rider and the driver on the map so that a ride can be book easily.

Once the rider has registered on the app, he can request and get the nearest available driver. Nearby drivers will receive the request which they can choose to accept and then take the rider to their destination.

Driver and Rider co-ordination

Both Android and iOS users have the facility to track the driver, chat and make in app calls if required.

Drivers, in turn can accept or reject rides, send text messages, chats and make in app calls too.

What comprises of an ideal taxi booking app

  • Ability to look for and find a taxi
  • Ability to find licensed drivers and their cabs
  • Single clock taxi request
  • Email notifications
  • Driver ratings and feedback facility
  • Facility for cashless payments

Developers who are in the business of designing these apps are highly skill and know their trade to the core. It is therefore imperative that you know what you want from your app and get the best taxi booking app developed for your business.