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Assist your customers with trendy Taxi app clone

The Uber has been one of the great revolutions in the transport of the last years, the simplicity of downloading an app with fast registration and call a Uber with a smartphone or even of the PC, bring comfort to the passenger of Brazil and the world, never seen before. You all are enjoying great uber taxi app features already.

Even with an increasingly practical world for drivers, including using the powerful tools of the free GPS Waze, sometimes we do not want or cannot drive, as is the case when we are travelling and do not want to rent a car, or we are taking advantage of our Friday away from the wheel, once was a great difficulty, having to depend on public transport is unfeasible and having a private driver is quite expensive, but with the arrival of taxi everything became easier and very cheap, racing prices are very attractive.

Free Download and enjoy a ride with an advanced taxi app features

Downloading the taxi passenger app is very easy, the app is available for everyone with an Android or iOS platform.

To download the taxi app you don’t have to pay anything, the download is free and you only pay for the races when you order.

It is very worth to stay connected in the promotions and discounts that happen with good frequency, in several celebratory dates it is possible to request a taxi with lower prices or in even more legal cases, you can be served by cars different from the traditional ones, as is the case of the Hot Wheels, where you will make your race in customized cars like in a BMW M3 all stylized.

“For the user, to be VIP is to have one more option of mobility by uber. It belongs to an exclusive category that places at the disposal of frequent users, only the most valued partner drivers on the platform. “

From the last three years, Uber is transforming the way people move through São Paulo and Brazil. An important part of this involves complementing the public transport network. With Uber, people are experimenting with more alternative ways to get around because they know they can count on a car in a few minutes, whenever they need it, at an affordable price.

How Taxi app features Works

After downloading the App, you need to make a quick registration, filling with all your data, done so you are released to ask taxi app whenever you want, from anywhere.

By putting your place of departure and where it is the destination you want to follow, the app itself does the calculations, including the distance and how much you should pay for the route.

Currently, UberBLACK, uberX, uberPOOL and user select services are available, offering more comfortable and new cars. In December 2016, Uber brought to São Paulo also UberEATS, a food delivery application that already has more than one thousand registered establishments.

Recalling that although it is the most famous, Uber is not the only service of its kind, there are several competitors that provide this type of service, as is the case of the 99Taxis app.

Request ride by PC

By accessing the taxi website, it is possible to have a view of the routes and prices before booking a ride. Of course, you need to be registered to make the service request, but to see prices and calculate the distance between cities, is free.

How to Be an Taxi Driver

Working as a driver, Uber is a good alternative for anyone who wants an extra income. You drive your own car. Make your schedules, choosing how much time to work and where to work is all yours.

To make your registration is very easy, just make your registration through the Uber website. This way you will be on the road quickly. The more you drive, the more you earn. In addition, you will be paid weekly and your prices are automatically deposited.

Drive only when it is best for you. No office or boss. That means you can start and stop whenever you want. At Uber, you’re in charge.

If you want to develop your own empire of taxi business like Uber, where you will be the only king, you can try out going with Uber app clone which is credible and relevant in the entire industry.

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