Why Entrepreneurs Are Pouring Their Investment In Developing Taskrabbit Clone App

Streamlining your day full of chores is not easy.  Quick help can do wonders especially when you want to get things done immediately. Taskrabbit clone app offers a contactless & same-day solution in providing you on-demand services. On-demand home service app like Taskrabbit is becoming popular with the people. They have gone on to become one of the most profits generating sectors in today’s date. The on-demand apps are not onlyvaluedby the customer but entrepreneurs too who are looking to grow and expand their businesses.

Developing A Taskrabbit Clone App Offering Unique Features

You need not copy the entire app, it is just that you are cloning, inspiring from the original app concept. How can your app stand out from the rest of the on-demand home services? By adding features like:

Be specific about the service category

It is important to research and know your target audience. Know what kind of services they are expecting in terms of availability, pricing, etc. Your customers are your “Main people” – hear them so that you can build an app around their service delivery demands instead of copying other app features. The more unique and helpful features you will have, the more app download will be witnessed.

Making the booking process simpler

People will not like things that are new to them. To book for the services and making the payment should be easiest to do. It should not feel confusing or complex. Simple navigation and seamless flow of the process attracts more customers. People love using the app when they find it super easy.

In-app chat

It is the best alternative over calls. The in-app chat facility lets your user connect with you for any concern or queries regarding placing contactless & same-day help solution or regarding bookings, payment, etc.

In-app payment processing

This feature enables users to pay through multiple modes of payment easing the hassle of paying cash or another medium that they do not use. Multiple payments are integrated with a secured gateway ensuring your financial data is safe.

Real-time tracking

The user gets to track the service delivery man on a real-time basis. The tracking features shows the estimated time to reach the destination. On the other hand, the service provider can track the delivery driver’s destination, whether he has reached the location, etc.


This allows the user to see the day-to-day deals, alerts from the service provider, and app admin. The notification helps increase customer engagement and app awareness. Additionally, the service provider too can benefit by offering different types of promo deals, letting the customer know about the price drops, promote events/festivals, and so on.

How To Earn Multiple Income Through Taskrabbit Clone App

When you have developed an aggregator Taskrabbit clone app model you can generate multiple revenues by:

Charging processing fee

You can charge a small fee from the users on every service delivery booked through the app. 

Promoting service providers

You can charge monthly fixed amount to the service providers to promote their services/brand. You can have exclusive “ premium service providers” features where you can highlight their services.


You can advertise products/services on your app from the vendors/suppliers that are not listed but about to feature on your app.


Make sure that your Taskrabbit clone app is built on state-of-the-art technology that not only keeps you ahead in the competition but scalable enough to provide you with a hassle-free expansion in the future.

Hiring a mobile app development company offering a white-label licensed source code can be the best solution for your business. They have an expert mobile app development team who knows the in and out of the on-demand app industry thus, offers you the best viable option to make your online business successful.

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