Nationwide ban on Uber Helps Local Taxi Apps

You know how they say, there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud? Well, Uber exit in Germany proved to be just that. The Uber application has been ruling the on-demand taxi sector for quite some time. People all over the world have been dependent on it for their taxi based requirements. However, the ship hasn’t been sailing very smoothly over the last few years. One country after another has forced Uber to leave it for various reasons.

uber exit

Why was Uber exit or banned in Germany?

Rules of running a taxi service differ from one country to another. In the US car sharing and car pooling is a very easy and seamless concept. But in Germany, when you decide to carpool, you actually enter into a verbal agreement with others in the car. Essentially, you are entering into a contract for a common objective in a specific manner.

It’s called the “SHARING ECONOMY” module. The sharing economy model of business doesn’t work really well in many European countries such as Germany. The main thing is that there is no one that can be held liable in case there is an accident.

Such models are an excuse for lifelong fights over who is going to bear the cost of insurance, who is responsible for the accident, who is going to ensure that in case something happens they will provide assistance?

How does it help other apps?

The fact that people will continue to need taxis whether there is Uber exit or not, is undeniable. This means that the disappearance of Uber from the German set up will only make it more and more vacant I term of taxi services.

When people all over the country can use a single mobile app to get a taxi of their choice, they get used to it. Now, if you take that away from them, there is an automatic requirement for the same. This means a market just opened up.

There are local taxi players in the market who haven’t yet been able to tap the potential of the market and offer their services to everyone. However, now that Uber exit, the market is ripe for the taking.

How does one get into the On Demand Taxi Space?

The word “On Demand” literally means that when someone has a need, it is addressed immediately. So, when someone wants to call a cab, they can do it immediately with the help of an application in their smartphones.

If you want to get into this kind of a business, the first and foremost thing is that you will require 2 mobile apps. Now, most people think it is just one app, but unfortunately, there’s more to running a business than simply owning an app. There are basically two parts to running an on-demand taxi app

Uber Clone Driver App


  • The Driver side of the Application

This is basically the local taxi app that is used by the Driver to accept rides, to monitor his reports, to see how much he or she could earn etc.

Uber Clone Rider App

  • The Rider side of the application

This is the side we most commonly see. It is the side that helps riders make a taxi booking. So they can input their pickup and Drop location on the app and get a ride they were looking for.

But this is not all

These are the two work components of running this app based taxi business. There admin part of it is handled through a separate admin panel. This is essential for the application owner. So, as the owner of a fleet of cars, you buy this business set up. Your drivers have an app which will allow them to accept ride requests and so on and so forth and your riders will have a section that will allow your customers to accept rides. But how do you monitor what’s going on in the application? How do you know which driver took how many rides and how many rides were undertaken on a particular day?

In order to do this, you will need an admin panel which will allow you to monitor and assess whatever needs to be done or whatever is happening. This admin panel will also enable you to view how much income this business is generating for you. It will show you the commission you are getting per trip and how much you will be able to make in the form of projections.

Uber Clone Admin Panel

Apart from this, you will also require a website to establish the web presence of your company. The website can be of different kinds. It can be something that is normal and static, or it can be something that allows people to book rides without the application as well.